About Mindcraft
The MINDCRAFT exhibitions are the property of the Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding under the Danish Arts Foundation and are organized by the Agency for Culture and Palaces. MINDCRAFT is an internationally recognized and award-winning exhibition concept with varying participants and external curators that presents the best of Danish craft and design. The event is aimed at profiling and branding Danish craft and design to national and international opinion leaders and to help the participating craftspeople and designers establish new market and press contacts. Several participants in previous MINDCRAFT exhibitions have been spotted by leading manufacturers, including Italian Nemo Cassina and Danish manufacturers such as Fredericia Furniture, Muuto, Trip Trap and Gubi. Others have sold works to private collectors or established new partnerships with high-profile galleries in New York, London and Paris.
The combination of the words MIND and CRAFT highlight the goal of the exhibition series, which is to showcase the capacity and potential of a field that spans from experimental, innovative and conceptual design to the highest artistic and technical proficiency from crafts. The participants in MINDCRAFT are selected by curators appointed by the Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding under the Danish Arts Foundation. From 2008 through 2013, the MINDCRAFT exhibitions were developed and organized by Danish Crafts. In 2014, Danish Crafts merged with the Agency for Culture and Palaces (formerly the Danish Agency for Culture), and it was decided to continue the exhibition concept under the aegis of the Danish Arts Foundation. MINDCRAFT08 received an award for ‘Best Contribution to 100% Design’ at 100% Design in London, 2008. MINDCRAFT15 received a Milano Design Award and a German Design Award for the exhibition in Milan, 2015.
Design & programming Rasmus Koch Studio