As part of the recent reform of public funding for the arts, Danish Crafts merges with the Danish Agency for Culture. The merger is effective from January 1st, 2014. Overall, the funding for the area is increased, and as a new feature, a project funding committee for craft and design will be established under the Danish Arts Foundation. Funding for craft and design will be managed by the Danish Arts Foundation with the Danish Agency for Culture serving as secretariat. The merger involves that Danish Crafts will cease to exist as an independent institution with its own board. Danish Crafts’ core international activities, MINDCRAFT and Danish Crafts Collection, will continue in the new structure under the Danish Arts Foundation.

Danish Crafts Collection
Danish Crafts Collection continues in the new structure under the Danish Arts Foundation, and as part of the political agreement on public funding for the arts, the activity continues at least in 2014 and 2015. The collection’s website,, is also maintained.

Danish Crafts Collection is an award-winning annual collection that has presented curated selections of the finest contemporary Danish craft and design at international fairs and other commercial contexts since 1999. The dual purpose of the collection is to initiate a development that may lead to a professional career on commercial terms for the individual participants and to contribute to the overall promotion of Danish craft and design. The marketing of the collection is supported by a targeted press campaign both internationally and in Denmark. Over the years, several participants in the collection have had their works and products put into production by leading design companies.

Danish Crafts Collection is put together by external curators appointed by Danish Crafts. From 2014, the curator will be appointed by the Danish Arts Foundation, the project funding committee for craft and design. The next application deadline for prospective participants in Danish Crafts Collection is February 2014. Stay up to date and read about the application procedure in one of the coming newsletters from Danish Crafts and on from January 2014.

The MINDCRAFT exhibition also continues in the new structure under the Danish Arts Foundation and will be presented in Milan during the annual design week in 2014 and 2015 as a minimum. The exhibition website,, is also maintained.

MINDCRAFT is an internationally recognized and award-winning exhibition concept with varying participants and external curators presenting some of the best contemporary Danish craft and design on the world’s leading design scene during the Milan design week. The goal is to profile and brand Danish craft and design to national and international opinion-leaders, press, manufacturers and other professionals in the field. Since the launch in 2008, MINDCRAFT has given Danish craft and design a high-profile professional platform for international exposure.

The next MINDCRAFT exhibition is curated by Nina Tolstrup and is presented in Milan in April 2014.

Danish Crafts’ websites
As a result of the merger, Danish Crafts’ two primary websites, and (respectively featuring Danish and English content), will close down by the end of 2013. The two sites have served as Danish Crafts’ official websites, offering updated information about Danish craft and design, current exhibitions in Denmark and abroad, shops and galleries with Danish craft and design, important public and private initiatives as well as Danish Crafts’ own activities.

In the time leading up to the merger, and will mainly be updated with news concerning the merger. In the future, information about craft and design in the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Agency for Culture will be featured on and continue as described above.

Office and showroom
From January 2014, all contact should be directed to the Danish Agency for Culture, the office for Architecture, Design and Craft. See and for additional information and contact information.