This year’s MINDCRAFT exhibition presents a new selection of the best Danish craft and design during the Milan Design Week, 14-19 April 2015. The exhibition features fourteen new works by nineteen of Denmark’s leading designers and craftspeople. MINDCRAFT15 is curated by the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi and is shown in a spectacular historical venue in Brera in the centre of Milan.

The idea behind MINDCRAFT is to explore the span between experimenting, innovative and conceptual design and sublime artistic and technical proficiency in Danish craft and design.

The curators GamFratesi have framed the MINDCRAFT concept with the exhibition theme ‘In Between’.

‘We chose the theme “In Between” because it reflects the fact that Danish craftspeople and designers work in a field of tension in between mind and craft. This exhibition covers the full range of that span, including fully developed ideas, conceptual qualities and sublime artistic and technical accomplishments, coupled with a unique understanding of the materials,’ say Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, who make up GamFratesi.

This year, the old cloister Chiostro Minore di San Simpliciano in central Milan is the venue for the Danish designers and craftspeople selected to take part in MINDCRAFT during the design week.

The selected designers and craftspeople in MINDCRAFT15 are:

Louise Campbell
Rosa Tolnov Clausen
Ole Jensen
Akiko Kuwahata
Cecilie Manz
Eske Rex
Tora Urup
Henrik Vibskov
Jakob Wagner

MINDCRAFT15 – address
Chiostro Minore di San Simpliciano
via dei Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro 3
20121 Milan

Opening hours and opening reception
14-19 April 2015
Tuesday 10.00-23.00 – opening reception at 18.00-23.00
Wednesday-Saturday 10.00-21.00
Sunday 10.00-17.00

MINDCRAFT15 at Designmuseum Danmark
MINDCRAFT15 is launched in Milan, and an additional destination has already been scheduled. From late September 2015 until late January 2016, MINDCRAFT15 is on display at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen.

Press enquiries and additional information
Please contact Kristian Kastoft, Senior Advisor at Danish Agency for Culture, +45 3374 5541,