The Committee for Crafts and Design under the Danish Arts Foundation has awarded a prize to Louise Campbell’s lamp series Papercuts, which was presented at Danish Crafts’ exhibition MINDCRAFT12.

The Committee for Crafts and Design visited Danish Crafts’ exhibition MINDCRAFT12 during the design week in Milan in April. Here, the members of the committee were so fascinated with Louise Campbell’s lamp series Papercuts that they have now awarded the series a prize.

In the motivation for the award, the committee states,

“No one who is familiar with Louise Campbell’s work can have any doubt that she is fascinated with complicated structures of any nature. Her works are often labyrinthine, at times almost scientifically complicated, but they always hold an inherent straightforward logic. She is related in spirit to the lace-makers of earlier times and to paper cutters, napkin folders and origami artists everywhere. But her primary concern lies solely with the poetry that emerges through the complexities, whether they are made in felt or metal, wood, paper or plastic.

In recent years, lamps and lampshades have been one of Louise Campbell’s primary focus areas. And the poetic floral double structure she used in her Collage from 2004 now has a successor in the Papercuts series, which illustrates Louise Campbell’s true capacity when she is left alone with paper, knife and scissors. Simply “Basic”: Two layers of geometric cuts on both sides of a basic dome-shaped structure made of Japanese paper. But when the light comes on inside these objects, when the interior structure is silhouetted against the exterior, when the light refracts in Louise Campbell’s folds and curves – what happens then is pure poetic miracles!”

Awards from the Committee for Crafts and Design under the Danish Arts Foundation are given at the committee’s initiative. Awards are given to works that are generally of particular artistic value and/or of particular value in the context of the individual artist’s production. The committee comprises ceramist Peder Rasmussen (chairman), graphic designer Hans Christian Asmussen and jewellery designer Katrine Borup.

The lamp series Papercuts was created for the MINDCRAFT12 exhibition, which Danish Crafts presented during the Milan design week in April 2012. The exhibition was curated by Cecilie Manz and showcased 16 new works by some of Denmark’s best craftspeople and designers.