by Kim Buck

Inflatable objects, 2007. Materials: metalized plastic foil. Dimensions: Ø 10 cm, 14 cm and 35 cm.

Kim Buck, Goldsmith, b. 1957.

“Hollowware is my comment on the perception of value in my trade. For generations, my trade has relied more on the monetary value of the materials than on artistic value. Many see jewellery and hollowware as investments in materials – gold, silver and precious stones. As an artist, I have used irony to distance myself from these mechanisms, insisting that the value of my works lies in their idea, design and execution.”

1982: Trained goldsmith
1985: Graduation from the Danish College for Jewellery and Silversmithing
1999-2001: Associate professor at School of Design and Crafts at Göteborg University

Selected exhibitions:
2007: “It’s the thought that counts”, solo exhibition at Danish Museum of Art and Design, Copenhagen
2003: “Jewellery”, solo exhibition at Galerie MARZEE, Nijmegen

2006: Collections of Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums

Danish Crafts / jeppegudmundsen.com

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