Vaginal Mirror
by Christin Johansson

Mirror, 2008. Materials: clay painted with car enamel, mirror glass. Colour: white. Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 20 cm.

Christin Johansson, ceramist, b. 1974.

“My works emanate from a fascination of sterile, clinical environments and industrial sanitary designs. The objects are made with irony and humour to arouse curiosity about something as common as the bathroom and its elements.

My works operate in the borderland between industrial design and fine arts, which in my opinion is one of the greatest strengths of crafts: the freedom to not necessarily be functional but to question and discuss function and design. This is an integral part of the ceramic tradition.”

2001: Denmark´s Design School, Copenhagen
1999-2002: Glass and Ceramics School, Nexø, Bornholm

Selected exhibitions:
2007-2008: Think tank exhibition, Austria, Germany, England, Sweden
2007: Func art at Drud & Køppe Gallery, Copenhagen
2007: Limited edition at Drud & Køppe Gallery, Copenhagen
2006: Basque Country International Contemporary Ceramics Competition, Euskadi

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