Hot Water Bottle
by Ole Jensen

A soft hot water bottle made in natural rubber. Used for keeping warm or easing muscle pain.

Hot Water Bottle is a soft container that can be filled with hot water and placed on or near the body. It is typically used to ease stomach or muscle pain. “Or if you just feel under the weather and need some warmth,” says Ole Jensen, adding that the product is probably “particularly relevant in cold climates and difficult times.”
The product is made in natural rubber and metal by repeatedly dipping a clay shape into liquid rubber. The rubber is treated with a thin layer of silicone for durability. The stopper is handmade in gold-plated brass with a screw thread closure. The hot water bottles are made in five different shapes in brown or red.
Hot Water Bottles are produced by Latex One and Lars Glad in collaboration with Rasha Sager & Saxenfelt Natural Rubber Products.

Since then, Ole Jensen has exhibited in a number of places, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Danish Museum of Art & Design in Copenhagen. At last year’s Mindcraft, Ole Jensen presented The Rubber Tub – an oversize version of his rubber washing-up bowl, which is manufactured by Normann Copenhagen, and which is in use in the restaurant at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among many other places.
The long list of manufacturers that Ole has worked with over the years, in addition to Normann Copenhagen, includes Muuto and Royal Copenhagen.
The main source of inspiration for Ole Jensen’s products is his attention to everyday life and his close surroundings. This is reflected, among other things, in his preference for working with practical objects that relate to everyday life and the body. He develops these things almost as if they were craft objects: by hand, in clay and other readily available materials. Always mindful of whether the process gives rise to a rationale or a phenomenon that might later be transformed with a view to serial production.

Ole Jensen, born 1958, ceramist/designer. He graduated as a ceramic designer from the Kolding College of Danish Design in 1985 and from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1990.

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