by Cecilie Manz

An archetypal chair with an appendix, the two elements fused and inextricably linked.

Pluralis is a chair in the plural form! In Cecilie Manz’ own description, PLURALIS is “an archetypal chair with an appendix, the two elements fused and inextricably linked. A chair composition for three persons.” It is made in solid wood, either natural or painted white/black. The chair is produced exactly like any other wooden chair: planed, milled, polished, etc. Is it the dining room chair that has the little ones clinging to its legs, or is it the little one that has the big ones on its back? “As a piece of furniture it’s a versatile mystery with its many directions and its insistence on extensive accommodation all around,” says Cecilie.
Pluralis is produced in a limited edition by Mooment.

Cecilie Manz works with Lightyears, Holmegaard, Nils Holger Moormann, Fritz Hansen, Muuto and Mooment. Her exhibitions include “Northern Lights” at Issey Miyake Gallery in Tokyo (2004), “Living in Motion” at the Vitra Design Museum in Basel and Berlin (2002) and the solo exhibition “Cecilie Manz – Status” at the Danish Design Centre (2005). Cecilie has received several prestigious awards, including the Finn Juhl Prize in 2007, Kunstpreis Berlin in 2008 and the three-year working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2002.
Cecilie works mainly in wood, metal, glass, porcelain and plastic; her choice of material depends on the specific task. Her work goes from the inside out; a project has to possess a sound, strong and relevant idea or functional justification for Manz to address the actual physical design. “The foundation has to be in place, otherwise you end up with something trivial,” she says. “The task or project itself often holds the key to inspiration; ideas don’t come from waiting but from leg-work, drafting, trials, etc.” A key aspect of Cecilie Manz’ work has always been simplicity – the process of working toward a pure, aesthetic and narrative object.

Cecilie Manz, born 1972. Designer, graduated from The Danish Design School in 1997.

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