Tied Power
by Steen Ipsen

Modelled stoneware with a black high-gloss glaze and red leather.

Tied Power is modelled stoneware with a black high-gloss glaze and red leather. In this work, which is constructed from spherical shapes, Steen Ipsen aims for an expression of forceful vitality. However, the work also strives for a graphic simplicity, underscored by the red laces, as well as a sensual undertone that speaks to the beholder’s imagination. His vision was to “create a modern work in a design that is compatible with many architectural and interior design contexts, but which also expresses history and elements of primeval power.”

In 2008, Steen Ipsen exhibited at XXth International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics in Vallauris, France, at SOFA in New York with Køppe Gallery, and at “Statistisk>Steen Ipsen, born 1966, ceramist. He graduated from The Danish Design School and Designskolen Kolding in 1987 and 1990, respectively.

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