Wet Bell
by Salto & Sigsgaard

An untraditional pendant lamp made in steel and aluminium.

Wet Bell is an untraditional pendant lamp made in steel and aluminium, where a sheet of aluminium has been pressed, and a steel pipe bent to produce the end-result. In Salto & Sigsgaard’s own words, Wet Bell is a lamp that provides good lighting, and which is true to its LED light source. Wet Bell is another term for a diving bell.

Salto & Sigsgaard‘s joint exhibitions include “Mon beau sapin” in Paris (2006) and “NOSY-T” at Form/Designcenter in Malmö (2008). They have both received several prestigious grants and exhibited in a number of venues in Denmark and abroad. Design, according to Salto & Sigsgaard, means “taking something and improving on it.” They do not believe in inspiration but in diligence and carefully considered and relevant ideas.
Salto & Sigsgaard work in almost all conceivable materials in an analytical work process that is not focused on ‘styling’.

Kasper Salto, born 1967, and Thomas Sigsgaard, born 1966. Since 2005 the two have worked together as Salto & Sigsgaard. They graduated from, respectively, The Danish Design School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts as architect/designers.

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