Woody Benchmark
by Christian Flindt

A soft and comfortable bench in wood and polyurethane plastic.

Woody Benchmark consists of sketches and casts in wood and polyurethane plastic. It is a bench, which is the outcome of plastic casts on a wooden work bench. The legs were milled in wood and then stuck into the plastic mass. The result is a soft and comfortable bench. The word benchmark derives from cabinetmaking. When a cabinetmaker needed specific dimensions he made a mark in his workbench.
The project was created in collaboration with furniture conservator Teis Abrahamsen, Frederiksborg Castle with the specific goal of combining wood and plastic. It is the first time Flindt has ever worked with wood and every bench is different from the others. The outcome depends on how the foam mixture runs off and is formed.

Christian Flindt‘s exhibitions include “Danish Design” at Denver Museum of Modern Art, “Plastic Fantastic” at Trapholt, and “Danish” at the Danish Design Centre, among others. He recently received the Danish Design Prize 2008/09 for his “Ripple Chair”, and in 2006 was picked as Designer of the Year by the Danish home design magazine Bo Bedre. In 2008/09 he received the China grant from the Danish Ministry of Culture to complete his “Bamboom China”. And HRH Prince Joachim himself acquired an Evergreen (swing).
Christian Flindt works mainly in plastic, clay, bamboo and aluminium. He is curious and generally carries out a large number of experiments in a scale of 1:1 in order to make sure that he has a proper grasp of scale and form. He works stubbornly at combining materials and needs in ways that will, at the very least, surprise himself. In discussing his own working process, Christian Flindt emphasises that he always begins entirely from scratch! The only working method for him is to work in a parallel process of material trials on the one hand and studies of needs and function on the other. “I’m not afraid of initial errors, as in my experience this is where the random occurrences arise that ultimately create my design,” says Christian.

Christian Flindt, born 1972. Furniture designer, graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2002.

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