Cool Chair
by Steen Ipsen

A real beauty – in ceramic disguise.

Cool Chair is attractive in its purity. It’s like a wonderful young virgin with the snow-white monochrome and reflecting glaze. And as Snow White – the chair invites to a flirt. A real beauty – in ceramic disguise.

In 2008, Steen Ipsen exhibited at XXTH International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics in Vallauris, France, at SOFA in New York with Køppe Gallery and at “Statistics Ceramics” at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. He has received several grants, including endowments from the Danish Arts Foundation and Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation. His works have been displayed in venues such as the Victoria and Albert museum in London, Musée Magnelli in Vallauris, France and the Danish Museum of Art & Design in Copenhagen.
Steen works in ceramics, based on drafts and models. Often, he explores the diversity and possibilities of the sphere. He finds inspiration in architecture, art, design and urban life.

Steen Ipsen, born 1966. Ceramist, graduated from The Danish Design School (1987) and Designskolen Kolding (1990).

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