Would You?
by Mia Lerssi

Three sentences written in liquid glass and placed upon the wall.

Would You? consists of three sentences written in liquid glass and placed upon the wall in three different colours: gold, silver and clear glass. Three questions that ask the beholder, in a naive, vulnerable and direct way, “Would you mind me, Would you mind you, Would you mind us.”
The sentences are made in solid glass, gold leaf and platinum lustre. The glass was used as a writing medium and as a “pen”. Next, gold leaf or platinum lustre was added to the glass. The gold leaf is applied cold, while the platinum must be burned into the glass. “I drew a direct line to my work and use the question itself as the object.”
The liquid properties of the glass are allowed to carry the message in a manner that is simultaneously stringent and organic. The decoration is used as a teaser, and thus, the glass is allowed to appear as pure form. The gold and silver decoration are strong but equal contrast and counter points to the glass. At the same time, the decoration acts as a mirror that makes the beholder involve in the work.

Mia Lerssi exhibited at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft in the exhibition “Young Glass” in 2007. In 2008 she exhibited at Galleri Køppe with the solo show “Heart of Glass” and in De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam with the solo show “The Meeting/The Onlookers”. Most recently, in 2010 she became a member of the Advisory Board at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft.
Mia Lerssi works mainly in glass. In her productions, the point of departure and the focus is strongly influenced by the ‘commercial aesthetics’ of the glass, as she seeks to describe the seductive and irrational aspect of beauty and its indefinable quality.
Mia Lerssi finds inspiration for her works in what she observes in everyday life and in the meeting with other people. “I am a child of my time,” she says, and in her works this is characterised by playfulness, seductiveness, and hedonism. In Mia Lerssi’s works, the visual aspects are allowed maximum influence on the technique, and her main material is glass – often, however, in combination with other techniques and materials such as plastic, industrially manufactured glass, and sweets.

Mia Lerssi, born 1972. Glass artist, graduated from the Glass and Ceramic School on Bornholm, Glass in Denmark and the Kosta Glass School in Sweden.

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