Yellow Fin
by Salto & Sigsgaard

A slim wall lamp made in aluminium, carbon fibre and steel.

YellowFin is made in extruded aluminium, cast aluminium/carbon fibre and steel. YellowFin is a lamp that produces a good light; a lamp that is true to its light source (LED) yet remains flexible. In a brief and precise statement, Salto & Sigsgaard describe the lamp as “a relevant wall lamp”.

Salto & Sigsgaard have exhibited together at “Mon beau sapin” in Paris in 2006 and “NOSY-T” at Malmø Form/Design Center in 2008. They have both received several prestigious grants and exhibited in a variety of venues in Denmark and abroad. Design, according to Salto & Sigsgaard, means “taking something and improving on it.” They do not believe in inspiration but in hard work and well-considered, relevant ideas.
Salto & Sigsgaard work in most conceivable materials in an analytical, non-‘styled’ working process.

Kasper Salto, born 1967, and Thomas Sigsgaard, born 1966. Since 2005, they have formed a partnership under the name Salto & Sigsgaard. They graduated from The Danish Design School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, respectively, as designer and architect.

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