Cellular Chair
by Mathias Bengtsson

The chair is based on the same principle as bone tissue, which consists of an airy cellular structure providing a construction that is both strong and light.

Cellular Chair is the result of an experimental approach to the design process. Mathias Bengtsson combines new medical technology with a light-weight material (epoxy) to create a chair and a production method that is both unique and appropriate for rapid manufacturing. The chair relies on the same principle as bone tissue, which consists of an airy cellular structure providing a construction which is both strong and light. Cellular Chair has a pre-programmed exterior shape, but the interior geometric cell structure is unique. By means of a 3D computer program capable of simulating the regeneration of bone, the load-bearing capacity of the cells is used to produce the frame of the chair. The structure is programmed to take on the shape of a chair, and the cells then generate a strong, load-bearing construction.

Mathias Bengtsson designs and produces modern furniture that is both visually striking and technically innovative. He has created a number of furniture series, including ‘Slice’, which is a sculptural organic series made of a wide variety of materials, ranging from aluminium to cardboard and plywood. Mathias Bengtsson combines modern computer technology with sophisticated laser-cutting techniques. He cuts the material into finely sliced pieces and then accumulates the pieces into a convincing and beautifully finished chair.
In his artistic practice, Mathias Bengtsson strives to discover ways of challenging technology and combines industrial techniques with traditional cabinetmaking methods.
“I aim to take my thinking in new directions and to break down established boundaries between design, craft and technology by combining unconventional tools in the creation of my works”, he explains.
In 2005 Mathias Bengtsson received the three-year working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation.

b. 1971, designer. Graduated from The Danish Design School in 1997 and Royal College of Art in London in 1999.

Danish Crafts / Mathias Bengtsson

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