Mother of Pearl
by Louise Sass

A one-off, hand-printed textile frieze. The work represents a transformation of form and process over a continuous length of textile.

Mother of Pearl is a one-off handprinted, textile frieze. It represents a transformation of form and process over a continuous length of textile.
It begins with freely composed colour fields in staggered layers and ends in a series of repetitions.
Mother of Pearl is a living surface with inspiration from the Italian Baroque. The conversation with the Baroque and its emphasis on creating lively and dynamic surfaces and depths is present as a delicate grid underneath the print.
Every medium has its own history and poetry, which is revealed in particular when the medium is pushed to its limits. Focus is the textile print in its unadorned form, which clearly reveals the touch of the hand.

Louise Sass has taken part in a large number of exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at Gallery Inger Molin in Stockholm in 2000, 2005 and 2009 and at the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen in 2001. Louise Sass took part in the Biennale for Craft and Design at Trapholt in 2007 and in the 2010-11 exhibition ‘The Best from 100 Years -100 donations from the Friends of the Danish Museum of Art & Design 1910 – 2010′.
In 2003-4 she made a Public work for the Serafen supportive housing complex in Stockholm, Sweden. Competition by invitation from Stockholm Arts Council 2002. Inaugurated September 2004.
Louise Sass has previously designed furnishing fabrics in cooperation with Kvadrat and has received grants from Ole Haslunds Art foundation (2008) and three years grant from the Danish State Art Foundation (2004-2007).
Louise Sass’ works are often characterised by a certain duality. On the one hand there is a sense of control, stemming from analytical colour studies and the use of simple geometric elements. On the other hand, the works contain an element of intuition and chance, as she combines a systematic pattern with the principle of random occurrences. For some years now she has worked with compositions of rhythmic developments as one-off textile prints and paintings on paper. This has led to a personal alphabet of form and colour that Louise Sass suggests to apply in a wide variety of materials and dimensions.

b. 1965, textile printer and artist. Graduated from the textile department of the Danish School of Art and Design (now The Danish Design School) in Copenhagen in 1991.

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