Tool Boxes
by Line Depping

A piece of furniture focused on the basic function of the drawer, which is to store various kinds of tools.

Tool Boxes is a number of ‘drawers’ in solid wood placed within a painted metal framework. It provides storage space for one’s ‘tools’ – for example one’s projects, drawing/writing/sewing tools, etc. Line Depping created ‘Tool Boxes’ in an effort to explore how we store things. Her goal is to challenge the common perception of a chest-of-drawers and to reveal the drawers openly to the beholder.
In ‘Tool Boxes’ she provides a rack for the boxes to make it easy to pull them out even when they are ‘stacked’ with other boxes. Each of the solid wooden boxes is designed as an independent tray that can be pulled out to either side or pulled out completely and placed on top. The top drawer is open and also forms the top of the piece. Thus, instead of concealing the contents, they lay it bare for all to see, and the functional quality is obvious.

Since her graduation Line Depping has participated in numerous exhibitions, most recently the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition in 2010, where the Danish Arts Foundation presented her with an award for her contribution, the chair ‘Splejs’ (Pip-squeak).
During the Milan Design Week 2010, Line Depping took part in the exhibition ‘Uncovered’ together with an international group of designers, and at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 she participated at the ‘Greenhouse’ talent zone together with Jakob Jørgensen. Line Depping received grants from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2009 and 2010, and in 2007 she took the 1st prize in ‘Premio Vico Magistretti’, organised by DePadova and Designboom.
Line Depping’s furniture is characterised by a focus on function and materials. She combines different materials in order to create a sense of tension between the textural qualities of the materials. Wood is often featured as one of the materials in Line Depping’s furniture because she finds it particularly interesting to discover materials that will challenge and complement the wood. Her idiom is simple: form is determined by function. A crucial driving force in her working process is seeing a reason for making a new piece of furniture – that is her source of inspiration.

b. 1978, furniture designer. Graduated from The Danish Design School, Furniture and Spatial Design, in 2007.

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