Beetle Chair
by GamFratesi

A chair with a hard exterior and a soft interior.

The inspiration for Beetle Chair is found in the anatomy and aesthetic of the beetle. GamFratesi reinterprets the beetle’s hard and characteristic shell and structure in a chair that, like an actual beetle, has a hard exterior and a soft interior. The dynamic ability of the insect in space is developed through a four-legged chair on castors. The chair is stackable and flexible suited for informal meetings, allowing mobility around the table and being flexible and spontaneous in the workspace. The chair was produced at the Danish Art Workshops and reflects GamFratesi’s aspiration of relating stories and associations through design. Ultimately, GamFratesi’s use of nature as a source of inspiration for both aesthetic expression and craftsmanship has resulted in a chair with excellent functionality and seating comfort.

With their dual traditional background, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi draw on the classic Danish furniture and craft tradition as well as the classic Italian intellectual and conceptual approach. Understanding a tradition and addressing it actively in the workshop makes it possible to expand on it. From this cross-cultural substrate they create furniture that respectfully reflects tradition while also featuring unique embedded stories, symbols and associations, often expressed in a minimalist idiom. GamFratesi aim to create furniture that illustrates the process and the techniques that created it, and which reflect a persistent exploration of the diverse border zone between harmony and disharmony.

GamFratesi’s designs have been displayed in exhibitions at Designmuseum Danmark, Trapholt and the Danish Design Centre, among other venues. Furthermore, GamFratesi received the ‘Walk the Plank’ award in 2009 as well as grants from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2010 and from Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation in 2009. The designer duo took part in MINDCRAFT11 in 2011.

Stine Gam, b. 1975, Danish architect, graduated from School of Architecture in Aarhus and University of Ferrara. Enrico Fratesi, b. 1978, Italian architect and designer. Graduated from university of Ferrera, University of Florence, KTH Stockholm and School of Architecture in Aarhus.

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