Field of Interference
by Kaori Juzu

A composition of unique brooches where shapes, colours and sizes affect one another.

Field of Interference is a composition of unique brooches. Kaori Juzu created the composition in an open process where shapes, colours and sizes were allowed to meet, interact and affect one another. Each brooch led to the next. Kaori Juzu stages a dialogue between her hand, the metal and the enamel that continues until the point where she is convinced that the piece is finished. Kaori Juzu hopes that the audience will feel drawn into the field of interference that emerges among the individual elements of the composition. The brooches are made of enamel, copper, gold, silver and stainless steel, using basic jewellery techniques, kiln enamelling, partial etching and structural joints.

Kaori Juzu’s works are characteristically intriguing and secretive. They invite closer inspection by sight as well as touch. Her works are further characterised by a perfectionist command of techniques and a high level of artistic quality. She strives to push the envelope and to achieve a new and seductive expression in combination with the form of the piece. She brings the goldsmith’s craft back to the roots and into the future.

In her working process, Kaori Juzu strives to feel the material and transform this feeling to form. She applies multiple layers of enamel in order to intensify the expression and add depth to the form. Kaori Juzu lives with her senses and her mind wide open. She finds that her experiences and observations are absorbed unconsciously to be manifested later in her work.

Kaori Juzu completed her apprenticeship with goldsmith Per Suntum in 2008. Already one year earlier she was awarded the Vilnius Magistrate’s silver medal at the 2nd International Enamel Art Biennale in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2010 she received the Hetsch Medal of 1879. In 2011 she took part in TOUT CE QUI BRILLE,…, World Crafts Council-BF in Belgium and in the Biennale of Crafts and Design at Museet på Koldinghus, where she was nominated for the Biennale Prize 2011. Kaori Juzu’s jewellery is represented in the collections of Designmuseum Danmark, The Cominelli Foundation in Italy and Museet på Koldinghus. Her works are also on display at Galerie Slavik in Vienna and Goldfingers in Copenhagen.

Kaori Juzu has held a number of international exhibitions including “Surface and substance” at CAA in London, “Between East and West” at Studio GR.20 in Padua and, most recently, “Enamel – A Renaissance” at Galerie Handwerk in Munich in 2012.

Kaori Juzu was awarded working grants from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2009, 2010 and 2011; in addition she has also received grants from Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation and the Toyota Foundation.

Kaori Juzu, b. 1978, Japanese jewellery artist. Completed her training as a goldsmith in 2008.

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