Poet’s Book Hanger
by Jakob Jørgensen

A wall mounted alternative to the classic book case.

Poet’s Book Hanger consists of several ‘book sticks’, which can be used both as bookmarks and as a means of hanging the books on the wall. The book sticks can be wedged in between two mouldings mounted on the wall. In addition to the book sticks, Poet’s Book Hanger features a book shelf, which is similarly mounted by means of the two mouldings. With Poet’s Book Hanger, Jakob Jørgensen experiments playfully with the functional aspects of book storage in a search for an alternative to the classic book case. The work was made with standard wood working techniques involving a plane, a saw and a milling template.

Jakob Jørgensen mainly works with wood and likes to explore possible new expressions in what is, mildly put, a thoroughly tested material. Jakob Jørgensen carefully ponders the issues he addresses, and once he has a clear idea he goes into his workshop where he proceeds to create models and other experiments to develop an idea for a finished product. Jakob Jørgensen aims for objects with a sculptural expression. In his design he strives to create an expression that possesses the same depth as a work of art but which also fits naturally into everyday life as a functional object.

Jakob Jørgensen has exhibited at Galerie Maria Wettergren in Paris and taken part in the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition since 2009. In 2011 he received the Bodum Design Award together with Line Depping; in connection with this award he exhibited at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Also in 2011 he was a finalist in IFDA (International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa) in Japan. Most recently, Jakob Jørgensen received a Wallpaper* Design Award in 2012.

Jakob Jørgensen, b. 1977, furniture designer. Graduated from the Danish Design School in 2008 (now The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design).

Danish Crafts / jeppegudmundsen.com

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