Suitnest Dinner
by Henrik Vibskov

The ultimate picnic basket with a built-in shirt and jacket and room for food and utensils.

Suitnest Dinner is the ultimate picnic basket with a built-in shirt and jacket and room for food and utensils. A nest for food and tableware and a shirt and jacket that leaves you ready to dress up once you reach your destination. The design combines a backpack and a basket using a rattan weave and leather, among other materials. Wanting to revive forgotten materials in his work, Henrik Vibskov chose rattan, a material that he hadn’t worked with before. So he had to learn to work with rattan from scratch.

Henrik Vibskov’s creative endeavour covers a wide range – from decadent fashion design to installation art and performances. Vibskov is best known for his fashion brand and his high-profile role on both the Danish and the international fashion scene, but that is far from all. As evident in Vibskov’s fashion shows, he likes to build entire universes around his fashion designs. These universes include installations based on wood, fabric, plants, bicycles and other props used to convey the visions behind his designs. “The Solar Donkey Experiment” and “The Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory” – the titles of Vibskov’s fashion shows give an impression of the flight of imagination that inspires these universes.

Henrik Vibskov’s creative drive is combined with an ambition of creating exciting experiences for the beholder. The meeting between product and beholder gives rise to a synergy that fosters new mindsets and approaches to everyday life. Vibskov’s exhibition venues include MoMA PS1 in 2007, Palais de Tokyo in 2005, Zeeuws Museum in 2009, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus in 2010 and Nederlands Architectuurinstitut Rotterdam (NAi) in 2010. He received Grundfos Travelling Scholarship Talent Award in 2007, an award from the Danish Arts Agency in 2009 and, most recently, Thorsten and Wanja Søderberg’s award in 2011.

Henrik Vibskov, b. 1972, designer. Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2001.

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