Tumblers & Plates
by Tora Urup

A series of glass tumblers and plates.

Tora Urup contributes to MINDCRAFT12 with a series of tumblers and plates. The tumblers are made in thick clear glass, and the plates in clear and opaline coloured glass. The pieces are made in a centrifugal process, where the glass is spun into its shape. This technique produces an expression where the thick glass takes on a round and optical character. The optical effect is apparent when colours are reflected in the clear glass. The round character is accentuated by the rounded rim of the tumbler, which is soft and pleasant to drink from; a detail that is a natural result of the production process. With this series, Tora Urup aimed to create glasses and plates with a design that enhances the experience of the material and a series that inspires and invites to serving and enjoying food and drinks.

Tora Urup mainly works in glass and porcelain. She has shown a persistent interest in classic utilitarian objects such as the bowl, the beaker, the plate and the vase, and she curiously explores and refines tiny details in a process resulting in sensuous and visual effects. Her source of inspiration is a curious and engaged approach to everyday life and the immersion in the working process itself. Tora Urup’s design is characterised by a simple and precise expression with a built-in complexity.

Tora Urup’s works have been purchased by Designmuseum Danmark, the Danish Arts Foundation and the European Museum of Modern Glass in Coburg, Germany as well as several private collections. In 2009, in connection with the exhibition “Meister der Moderne” (Modern Masters) in Munich, she received the ‘Bayerischer Staatspreis’ (Bavarian State Award). In 2010 she received Inga and Evind Kold Christensen’s honorary award. She has exhibited at gallery Scremini in Paris, at gallery Puls in Brussels and as part of ‘Galerie der Preisträger’ (Gallery of Prizewinners) at Gallery Handwerk in Munich in the spring 2011. She also took part in MINDCRAFT11 in Milan.

Tora Urup, b. 1960, glass and ceramics designer Graduated from the School of Decorative Art in 1989 (now The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design) and the Royal College of Art in London in 1994.

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