The BODYPARTy series
by Katrine Borup

A jewellery series related to anatomical models.

The BODYPARTy series consists of deliberately contradictory, almost inconsistent objects, at once playful and serious, appealing and unappealing, intellectual and sensuous. At once cause and effect or disease, cure and prevention in an often confounding mix. All the jewellery is made of balloons.
BODYPARTy is related to anatomical models and also plays with the concepts of applied and fine art, craft and design.

– Crash pads
Thigh bone guards and calcium tablet containers. Osteoporosis or brittle bone disease occurs when the mass and strength of bone tissue are severely reduced.

– The air we breathe
A cigarette case (windpipe, bronchial and alveoli) with a depiction of smoker’s lungs as a deterrent akin to the mandatory warning labels on cigarette packs.

– Drowning by E-numbers
The piece resembles the shape and appearance of the small intestine, approximately ten times enlarged.

Katrine Borup b.1968, jewellery designer
Katrine Borup takes an analytical approach to her work. She views jewellery as site-specific art, specifically as art on the human body, where the relationship with the body is crucial. Borup always explores a theme and works with jewellery that is conceptual/idea-driven and narrative rather than purely decorative. Katrine Borup calls her works meta-jewellery, which in her definition means jewellery that debates its own role as jewellery and plays with conventions and genres. For example, her jewellery is often intended worn in unconventional ways, and she often uses unconventional materials – including her own hair and finger nails.
She often draws inspiration from close personal relations and experiences but strives to rise above the personal level to explore universal themes that address current phenomena in life or the spirit of the times.
Katrine Borup spends considerable time on research, and her work unfolds in a mutual exchange of reading, writing, drawing and material experiments as she moves back and forth among the various processes. Sometimes it is the process of working with the material in a scale of 1:1 that generates an idea, and sometimes the process springs from her imagination.

2003-09: Single subject studies in art history, University of Copenhagen
2001: Graduation from the Institute for Precious Metals, Copenhagen
1995: Graduation from the Aarhus School of Architecture

Selected exhibitions
2013: “BODYPARTy”, Goldfingers, Copenhagen
2011: “TOUT CE QUI BRILLE”, World Crafts Council, Mons, Belgium
2010: MINDCRAFT10, Milan
2010: “THAT IS SO TYPICAL OF YOU”, Officinet, Danish Arts and Crafts Association, Copenhagen
2007: “Drawing the Line”, Mette Saabye, Copenhagen
2005: “Maker – Wearer – Viewer”, Narrative European Jewellery, Edinburgh (UK) and Nijmegen (NL)

Grants and honours
2012: Working grant, Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968
2010: Working bursary from the Danish Arts Foundation
2010: Award from the Danish Arts Foundation for the exhibition THAT IS SO TYPICAL OF YOU
2009: Recipient of the Biennale Prize

2011+2007: Kunstforeningen af 14. August
2009: Museet på Koldinghus
2004: Danish Arts Foundation
2002: Designmuseum Danmark


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