Growth Chair
by Mathias Bengtsson

Growth Chair simulates natural growth, copying some of nature’s rules and methods.

Growth Chair is a ‘digital seed’ that grows in a virtual world inside a purpose-designed computer program.
In a biomimicry process, the digital seed emulates natural growth, imitating some of nature’s rules and methods. The furniture parameters have been embedded in the digital seed; however, the form is not defined ahead of time but emerges as a result of the growth process.

Mathias Bengtsson b. 1971, designer
Mathias Bengtsson designs and produces modern furniture that is both visually striking and technically innovative. He has created several furniture series, including ‘Slice’, which is a sculptural organic series made of a wide variety of materials ranging from aluminium to cardboard, paper and plywood. Mathias Bengtsson combines modern computer technology with sophisticated laser-cutting techniques. He cuts the material into finely sliced components, which he then assembles into a convincing and beautifully finished chair.
In his artistic practice, Mathias Bengtsson strives to discover ways of challenging technology and combines industrial techniques with traditional cabinetmaking methods. Mathias always seeks to take his thinking in new directions and to break down established boundaries among design, craft and technology by combining unconventional tools in creating his works.

1999: Royal College of Art, London
1997: The Danish Design School (now the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design)

Grants and honours
2012: The Finn Juhl Prize, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation
2005: Three-year working scholarship from the Danish Arts Foundation

Selected exhibitions
2011: MINDCRAFT11, Danish Crafts, Milan
2011: Industrial Revolution 2.0, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2010: MINDCRAFT10, Danish Crafts, Milan
2008: 20-21st Century Design, Phillips, New York
2007: 21st Century Collection, Museum of Modern Art, New York
2007: “Not design”, Friedman Benda Gallery/Hedge, San Francisco


Danish Crafts / Mathias Bengtsson

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