Completely Dusty
by benandsebastian

A hybrid piece with dust provided by Thorvaldsen’s Museum.

Completely Dusty is composed of structure provided by benandsebastian and dust provided by Thorvaldsen’s museum where it was first exhibited. Completely Dusty is an incomplete prototype; it has not reached its full potential without the time taken for dust to settle into its underlying surfaces. The grooved walnut latticework and leather bindings of the piece both harbour dust and are fragile enough to be threatened by the delicate use of a feather duster. While dust slowly unsettles the obsessive order of the piece, attempting to thoroughly clean the piece would most likely lead to the work’s collapse. The piece both accommodates and defends the dust that we try to eliminate from our lives through clean lines and frictionless surfaces.
The hybrid piece reflects upon Thorvaldsen’s dust-friendly sculptural language at the microscopic scale of the dirt particles that its forms attract.

Benandsebastian B. 1981 and 1980
Together, Ben Clement and Sebastian de la Cour form the duo benandsebastian. They are interested in how meaning is embedded in spaces and objects in conditions of absence. Their intricate and highly-crafted installations have inbuilt gaps and are often on the verge of collapse. Whether taking the form of architectural fragments, mechanical theatres or living artefacts, their works relate to the idea of a body that is incomplete and vying with its own phantoms. benandsebastian use their work as a way of asking questions, through a process of mimicry and serious play, of supposedly seamless systems of order. Their work consists not only of the installations and sculptures that they construct, but also in the drawing out of the relationships between things: between context and object, between artwork and institution, between body and limb.

Selected exhibitions
2014: Group exhibition: Beyond Reach, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art
2012: Group exhibition: Treffpunkt Berlin, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art
2011-2013: Solo exhibition: Phantom Limbs, Designmuseum Danmark and Trapholt

Selected grants and honours
2012: Honorary grant from Niels Wessel Bagges Kunstfond
2011: Walk the Plank Award
2009: Three-year working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation
Danish Arts Foundation (for the works Completely Dusty, Sådan set er Byen (In a way the city is), The Burial of the Last Queen of Denmark and City of the (Re)orientated)

Trapholt Museum, “2078 Fifth Avenue”
Fritz Hansen, “City of the (Re)orientated”



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