The Birth of Marilyn
by Iskos-Berlin

A big, floating lampshade.

The Birth of Marilyn
They float in the room, light and flaunting, like a skirt lifted by the wind…
First, a little sculptural sketch, an idea that grows and takes on its own natural shape until it finds its final form – “correct” and well-controlled.
The Birth of Marilyn is a story of creation/genesis – from a timid beginning through the imperfections of experiments and attempts to the final work: a big, floating lampshade.
The development process and production method are the actual artwork, as the different phases of experimentation with the mould become a series of unique products. The lamps are produced by using thermoforming/moulding in the Match tool.
The duo Iskos-Berlin is inspired by experimenting with materials and production technologies, the sensuality of the material and its natural shapes and the associations that are sparked as they work with and study the materials – as wavy as the seashell from which Venus was born or as pleated as Marilyn’s skirt, lifted by the air…
They strive to develop products using rationalized production processes to achieve the rejection-free, undemanding industrial production of unique products with a minimal waste of materials and other resources.

Iskos-Berlin B. 1965 and 1953, designer & industrial and graphic designer MDD
In 2010, Boris Berlin co-founded Iskos-Berlin Design in partnership with Aleksej Iskos, who had previously worked at Komplot Design. The two have developed a shared philosophy of design, and their studio focuses on industrial, furniture and graphic design.
To Iskos-Berlin, design is an art of storytelling. This story is normally quite complex, consisting of semantics, morphology, materiality, technology of objects and many other elements. But the clearer the story is, the more likely people are to understand it. The more surprising it is, the more likely they are to remember it. And finally, the more it makes people smile, the more likely they are to love it!
The duo experiments with new technologies and materials to explore their impact on everyday objects.
These objects have their own individual stories, which are also part of wider narratives about the way we interact with and perceive things. By allowing the materials to choose their own direction, to speak for themselves, they try to bring a novel twist to this ongoing (and never-ending) story.
The duo works with a wide range of materials, from wood to plastic and from steel tubing to textile.

CV – Aleksej Iskos
2010: Co-founder and partner of Iskos-Berlin Design
1999-2010: Employed at Komplot Design in Copenhagen
1996: Graduated from the Department of Industrial Design at The Danish Design School (now The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)
1987-1990: Kharkiv National Pedagogical University
1982-1987: Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture

CV – Boris Berlin
2010: Co-founder and partner of Iskos-Berlin Design
1987: Co-founder and partner of KOMPLOT Design
1983: Founded Boris Berlin Design
1975: Graduated from Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy

Selected clients
Gubi, HAY, Normann Copenhagen, Muuto, Lightyears, Versus, Källemo, Blå Station, Zero, Tendo, and Stylex.

Selected exhibitions
2013: “Nordic Cool”, The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., USA
2002-2013: “Utopia and Reality”, Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen
1987-2013: The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition
2012: “Lost Control”, World Design Capital, Helsinki Design Week; Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen
2009-2010: Danish Design: Komplot “Process” – Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design, Nuremberg
2009: Biennale Prize-Winners – Trapholt, Kolding; Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen

Selected grants and honours
2014: Interior Innovation Award – Selection 2014, Köln IMM
2012: PLAZA MAGAZINE Award “Lamp of the Year”
2011: Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany
2008: The Forum AID Award: Best Nordic product
2007: Crafts and Design Biennial Prize, Denmark
2007: Red Dot – Best of the Best Award for “Gubi Chair II”
2004: Danish Design Award for the Gubi chair collection

The Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen
Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen
Designmuseo/Design Museum, Helsinki
Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Trapholt Museum, Kolding



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