by Jakob Jørgensen

A series of hand-crafted woodworking tools and a wooden toolbox.

Tools consists of hand-crafted woodworking tools – saw, plane, knives, axe etc. – and a wooden toolbox that is made up of the tools that it stores.
In some crafts, craftspeople have traditionally made their own tools. The Viking age Mästermyr tool chest found at Gotland is an example of this tradition. The chest contains woodworking tools as well as tools for working in copper and iron.
As a furniture designer, Jakob Jørgensen has always worked with wood. He has his own woodworking shop with all the basic power tools: circular saw, planing machine, band saw etc. Machines that are a result of the industrialization, and which enable modern mass-production. Jakob Jørgensen has experience with building prototypes and staging small-scale productions of his design ideas in his workshop. For the MINDCRAFT14 exhibition ‘Materializing beliefs’, his ambition was to dig a little deeper to explore the material and the craft that form the historical basis for woodworking before the days of modern manufacturing: steel and the art of tool-making. For this exhibition, Jakob Jørgensen learned to make the basic hand-tools that are necessary in woodworking – embracing the tradition of a craftsman who makes all his own tools.

Special thanks to Arne Granberg and Hvass Metal.

Jakob Jørgensen B. 1977, furniture designer
Jakob Jørgensen works mainly with wood and likes to explore possible new expressions in what is, mildly put, a well-tested material. Jakob Jørgensen carefully ponders the issues he addresses, and once he has a clear idea he goes into his workshop, where he creates models and other experiments to develop an idea for a finished product. Jakob Jørgensen aims for objects with a sculptural expression. In his design he strives to create an expression that possesses the same depth as a work of art but which also fits naturally into everyday life as a functional object.

2012: Collaboration with HAY and WRONG FOR HAY
2011: Collaboration with Galerie Maria Wettergren
2008: Furniture designer from The Danish Design School (now The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design).

Selected exhibitions
2009-13: The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition
2012: Génération Design by ELLE Décoration Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris
2012: MINDCRAFT12, Danish Crafts, Milan
2011: Bodum Design Award, 1st prize together with Line Depping; project exhibited at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

Selected grants and honours
2012: Wallpaper* Design Award
2011: Bodum design award, 1st prize together with Line Depping
2010: Working bursary from the Danish Arts Foundation
2008: Gold leaf, IFDA Japan

HAY, Galerie Maria Wettergren



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