by Line Depping

A dress rail constructed of multiple identical elements.

Elements is a dress rail constructed of multiple identical elements. The user can alter the size by increasing or reducing the number of elements, thus shrinking or expanding Elements to match the current need.
Elements is made of steam-bent ash wood. The wood is steam-heated, which makes it elastic and pliable. When it dries, it keeps the new shape. The inspiration came from various steam-bent products, including wooden snow shoes, a Greenlandic kayak and the wooden handle on a teapot. Line Depping has used steam-bent components in several of her projects and is fascinated with pliability of the wood when it is exposed to steam. Line Depping has also worked with other techniques to bent wood. In 2012 she used precompressed ash wood to make Hook, a coat hook that she designed for MINDCRAFT12, and which was subsequently put into production by the design manufacturer WRONG FOR HAY.

Special thanks to the Danish Art Workshops.

Line Depping B. 1978, furniture designer
Line Depping’s work springs from considerations of function and use. For Line Depping, it is crucial to see a good reason to create a new piece of furniture; an opportunity to add something to an object that expands its usefulness.
Her ideas for new designs often spring from observations of people and culture. The way we live. Her expression is simple, and her emphasis on function also involves making room for disorder in order to accommodate the messy and chaotic aspects of life. The form should be natural and well-proportioned and thus appeal to the user and make room for use.
Line Depping has a special focus on materials. She mainly works with wood but often adds other materials to provide a counterpoint to the wood. By combining different materials she achieves a field of tension between the textural qualities of the materials.

2013: Collaboration with HAY and WRONG FOR HAY
2011: Collaboration with Galerie Maria Wettergren
2011: Interior design of Danish Crafts’ meeting room together with textile designer Ida Anesdatter Schmidt
2007: Graduated from The Danish Design School (now The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)

Selected exhibitions
2009, 2010, 2011, 2013: The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition
2011, 2012: MINDCRAFT, Danish Crafts, Milan

Selected grants and honours
2013: Award from the Danish Arts Foundation for ’Wood box experience’ at The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition
2011: Bodum Design Award, 1st prize together with Jakob Jørgensen; project exhibited at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
2007: DePadova, Milan, 1st prize in the competition ‘Premio Vico Magistretti’

HAY, Galerie Maria Wettergren



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