Flower Arrangement
by Marianne Nielsen

An artificial arrangement of modelled plants made in glazed stoneware.

Flower Arrangement consists of modelled plants made in glazed stoneware and combined in an artificial arrangement.
In Flower Arrangement, Marianne Nielsen interprets a traditional source of inspiration, as flowers are a classic motif in the craft tradition. The emotional significance we attribute to flowers makes them particularly interesting for Marianne Nielsen to explore.
The imitation of plants incorporates the contrast between nature and culture; the portrayed and the portraying. The works are more about manmade artefacts than about nature; the natural motif is used to highlight the material and the ceramic tradition.

Marianne Nielsen B. 1971, ceramist
Marianne Nielsen creates one-off ceramics and has long been working with tangible representations of natural objects.
She represents the portrayed objects in a clean and simple form, without attaching a narrative to them, in order to allow the inherent implicit meaning appear all the more clearly. Revealing the iconic impact that is associated with familiar objects, however commonplace they may seem.
She models her works in a naturalist style and sprays glaze colours on to achieve a coloration that is more or less true to nature with transitions between the many nuances.
Her focus is on the objects we surround ourselves with and their meaning. The role of nature in culture and its ability to point to something outside ourselves, something permanent and universal with a quality of authenticity that possesses a fundamental beauty. To Marianne Nielsen, these representations of nature point back to us, the beholders, because it is our gaze that imbues them with meaning. Her works are as much an imitation of culture as an imitation of the natural object that is depicted.

2009-present: Freelance designer for Kähler Design
2001-2002: Designer at Royal Copenhagen
1999: MA from the Kolding School of Design

Selected exhibitions
2013: The Biennale for Craft and Design 2013, Round Tower, Copenhagen
2012: “Elitær Folklore” (Elitist Folklore) with Anne Tophøj, Copenhagen Ceramics, Copenhagen
2010: “På Tværs” (Across), Ny Tap, Carlsberg, Copenhagen

Selected grants and honours
2012: Danish Arts Foundation: three-year working grant
2011: Annie og Otto Johs. Detlefs Keramikpris, travel grant
2009: Ole Haslunds Kunstnerlegat, travel grant

2003, 2011: Danish Arts Foundation



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