by Claydies

An installation with porcelain objects mimicking a champagne fountain.

Fontanella is an installation based on repetitions of the same conical object. These cast porcelain objects have a basic, stringent form and are systematically stacked to mimic the shape of a classic champagne fountain. The decoration highlights and transforms the visual appearance of the individual piece and of the installation as a whole, creating an image of overflowing water or wine. Fontanella addresses the general theme of MINDCRAFT15, ‘In Between’, on several levels, striving for a balanced interaction between form and decoration and between industrial and hand-made. The individual components are made up of two identical cones, carefully balanced tip to tip. Although the form is reminiscent of a utilitarian object, it has no functional purpose.

porcelain, slipping and glaze

92 individual components, each approximately Ø 12.5 cm, height 18 cm

Tine Broksø, b. 1971, ceramist and designer
Karen Kjældgård-Larsen, b. 1974, ceramist and designer

Tine Broksø and Karen Kjældgård-Larsen work together in a close interactive process based on humour, dialogue and experimentation. Their works explore the cross-field between functional objects and sculptural statements and are always framed by an overall concept or idea that they wish to explore. The projects often address and are inspired by themes from outside the ceramic universe. An example is the ceramic fashion show where the two ceramists wore porcelain bowls on their heads, like hairdos, presenting a gallery of personality types. Or the table service that was inspired by the Danish dogma film movement, where the design process was framed by a set of ten dogma rules, including that the ceramists had wear blindfolds while they shaped the objects. The artistic aspect and the tradition of hand-crafting objects are an important focus for the duo, and they often explore historical ceramic methods with the aim of reflecting on and revitalizing the old techniques.

2000 to date: Claydies, joint brand and workshop
2000: Both graduated from The Danish Design School (now Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design), Institute of Product Design, Glass and Ceramics line

Selected clients and collaborations
2010: Kähler Design, product launch ‘Primadonna’ (three hairdo bowls)
2008: Normann Copenhagen, product launch ‘Grass’ vase
2000: Royal Copenhagen, product launch Blue Fluted Mega (Karen Kjældgård-Larsen)

Selected exhibitions
2013: ’The Opening’, with Ole Jensen, Copenhagen Ceramics
2011: Solo exhibition: ‘Claydies Room’, TRAPHOLT – Museum of Modern Art, Applied Art, Design and Architecture, Kolding, Denmark
2007: ‘True feelings’, Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm

Selected grants and honours
2014: Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year working grant (Tine Broksø)
2013: Esther og Jep Finks Mindefond for Arkitektur og Kunsthåndværk
2012: Annie og Otto Johs. Detlefs ceramics award

Designmuseum Danmark
ASU ART Museum, Arizona
Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden



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