by Edvard-Steenfatt

The Terroir project involves a new material developed from seaweed and recycled paper.

The Terroir project involves a new material developed from seaweed and paper and arose as the result of research experiments with local materials. By combining seaweed and recycled paper Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt created a tough and durable material. The material has a warm and tactile surface with the softness of cork and the lightness of paper and can be used for products and furniture. The colour of the material is determined by the different species of seaweed – ranging from dark brown to light green. The seaweed is harvested along the coast of Denmark, which stretches over 8000 km and is one of the world’s longest coastlines compared to the land mass area. After being dried the seaweed is ground into powder and cooked into glue, utilizing the viscous and adhesive effect of the Alginate – the natural polymer of the brown algae.

Lamp: fucus seaweed and recycled paper
Chair: fucus seaweed, recycled paper and ash wood

Lamp: large, Ø: 25 cm, H: 25 cm; small: Ø: 18 cm, H: 18 cm
Chair: 78 x 48 x 45 cm

Lamp: green, brown
Chair: green, brown, natural ash wood

Jonas Edvard Nielsen, designer, b. 1982
Nikolaj Steenfatt Thomsen, designer, b. 1987

Jonas Edvard Nielsen’s work has a strong emphasis on sustainability and material experimentation. He does not limit himself to a particular category of materials but finds productive challenges and possibilities in all basic, unprocessed materials. He is fascinated with the process of creating new materials, and his projects often spring from a research process that involves the history and use of a particular resource or material.
Nikolaj Steenfatt Thomsen works with a wide variety of materials, including self-invented composites, leather and wood. Serendipity plays a key role in his experiments with materials, textures and alternative working processes where random developments are allowed to influence the outcome. Combining this intuitive method with systematic analysis, he merges industrial and hand-crafted qualities in an industrialized one-off production approach.

2013: Both graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2013.

Selected grants and honours
2014: Working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation (Jonas Edvard Nielsen)
2014: 1st prize, Green Furniture Sweden for Hardened Leather Chair (Nikolaj Steenfatt Thomsen)
2013: Grant from Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation in 2013 (Nikolaj Steenfatt Thomsen)

Selected exhibitions
2014: Danish Crafts Collection (Jonas Edvard Nielsen and Nikolaj Steenfatt Thomsen)
2014: Material Xperience in Rotterdam and London (Jonas Edvard Nielsen)
2013: Superobjekt’s exhibition Edition One, Copenhagen (Nikolaj Steenfatt Thomsen)


MINDCRAFT / Rasmus Koch

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