by Eske Rex

Selfie is a wooden object with two shells and embedded magnets that pull towards each other.

Selfie is an oval wooden object consisting of two shells. Embedded magnets pull the two shells towards each other, while strings fastened to a round wooden frame keep them suspended in mid-air, preventing them from connecting. The pairs are carved from a single piece of wood and split with a cut that runs across the growth rings of the wood. The suspended objects rotate and vibrate with the influence of a breeze or a breath. These movements break up the form temporarily before the original shape is re-established. The gap between the two parts forms both the bond and the separation, as this is where the invisible but palpable magnetic force exerts its influence. Selfie derives from earlier the work ‘Divided Self’, which is a series of split oval objects resembling stylized human heads. These objects reflect the sense we may sometimes have of being divided or fragmented, only momentarily achieving a sense of being whole and undivided. The constant tension is always threatening to exert just that tiny bit of extra pull that will sever the bond completely. This tension illustrates the fragile nature of life – and the delicate position of the soul that animates our body. Here, the ‘divided self’ presents itself as a ‘selfie’ – the self-perceived centre of the universe, framed and placed centre stage.

oak, walnut, string, magnets, putty

105 x 95 x 12 cm

Eske Rex
artist and designer, b. 1977
Eske Rex’s main medium is wood, but he also works in other materials. His works often revolve around universal themes and aspects of the human condition. He aims for a simple and poetic expression and seeks to connect with his audience on a sensory rather than an intellectual plane. His main source of inspiration is reflections on existential themes, such as searching and alienation as well as harmony and peace. Over the years, he has developed an approach that brings together practices from architecture, design, art and craft in sculptures and installations that often involve natural processes such as motion and friction. His works are often based on one or two primary materials, which he pushes to the limits of their capacity. In their simple and pared-down form, his works highlight the sensory experience of the materials and inspire a sense of poetic stillness.

2009 to date: Independent artistic practice
2014: A member of the Society of Artists under the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
2008: Graduated from The Danish Design School (now Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)
2007: Traineeship at Studio Jeppe Hein, Berlin
2006: Exchange programme at University of Art and Design, Helsinki
1999: Completed carpenter’s apprenticeship with a bronze medal

Selected collaborations
2012 to date: Collaboration with Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris

Selected grants and honours
2014: Working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation
2014: Danmark’s Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968
2013: Travel grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

Selected exhibitions
2014: Design at large, Design Miami/Basel
2013: Silent Action, Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris
2011-2013: MINDCRAFT, Milan

Works sold to collectors in Europe and the United States



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