Point of View
by Jakob Wagner

A bench that changes character depending on the point of view.

Point of View
On this bench, two persons can sit and enjoy the view together. And, more importantly: They can both learn how different the world looks through the other’s eyes. From one point of view, the bench appears red and solid, from another it looks blue, and from yet another, it is transparent. This makes the bench a metaphor, illustrating that the appearance of all aspects of life depends on our perspective. When we change our point of view, we change everything – especially our relationships. With inspiration from the theme for MINDCRAFT15, ‘In between’, Jakob Wagner explores the intersubjective field between two persons and reminds us that everything in life looks different from someone else’s perspective. In fact, he considers our ability to change perspectives key to our cultural evolution.

3 mm acrylic

208 x 92 x 81 cm

Jakob Wagner
product designer, b. 1963
Jakob Wagner does not favour any particular material or technique but bases his choices on whatever is relevant for the project at hand. In his design work, he aims for coherence between purpose and meaning in order to create relevant products that come alive and are a pleasure to own and use. To achieve this, he puts a high priority on making his products clear and comprehensible, but he also seeks to humanize his products by imbuing them with soul. To Jakob Wagner, a meaningful object should engage the whole person, and therefore his products contain both rational and playful qualities in a visual expression that is both ‘naked’ and sensuously seductive.

1993 to date: own design firm, Jakob Wagner Studio, Copenhagen
1992: BA in Product Design from Art Center College of Design, Switzerland

Selected clients and collaborations
Cappellini, Moroso, B&B Italia and Alessi, Italy and Bang & Olufsen, Denmark

Selected grants and honours
2008: Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
2008 and 2013: Four IF awards in total
2003: Three-year working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

Selected exhibitions
2005: ‘safe’, Museum of Modern Art, New York
2005: ‘Use it’, Tokyo
1999: ‘The Nordic Transparency’, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Museum of Modern Art, New York


MINDCRAFT / jeppegudmundsen.com

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