by Rosa Tolnov Clausen

The wall hangings fuse present-day materials with traditional weaving techniques

Rosa Tolnov Clausen’s wall hangings fuse present-day graphic materials with classical traditional Scandinavian weaving techniques. Created especially for the MINDCRAFT exhibition, the wall hangings recreate traditional fabrics in materials suited for the outdoor exhibition venue. The weaving is done with polyurethane yarn on a basic foot-powered loom. In the second stage of the process, a motif is added with spray paint. The parallel levels resulting from this process come together to form a coherent expression that points to both the past and the future.

polyurethane, polyester, aluminium, acrylic spray paint

three wall hangings, each approximately 119 x 84 cm

black, white, beige, silver, transparent, pink, purple, dark blue, dark green

Rosa Tolnov Clausen
textile designer and weaver, b. 1985
A consummate craftswoman, Rosa Tolnov Clausen is passionate about weaving traditions and techniques. In her creative work, she brings the traditional craft into a contemporary context, exploring what happens in the field of tension between the conceptual core of a project and the traditional techniques. Many of her projects have a strong social component, where weaving is used as a tool to help people engage with, learn about and relate to textile in interactive, aesthetic and tactile processes. In a working process that revolves around experimentation and exploration, she tests new materials, methods and tools with the goal of arriving at new and unexpected aesthetic qualities, surprising partnerships and products with novel functional features.

2013: Graduated from Design School Kolding
2013: Taught the weaving workshop ‘Everything I know about Kasuri’, Kyoto
2013: Kasuri weaving course, Kawashima Textile School, Kyoto
2012: Studies at Aalto University, Finland
2009: Studies at Berlin Weissensee School of Art

Selected collaborations
2013 to date: Collaboration with ‘Blindes Arbejde’, workshop production for blind and partially sighted workers

Selected grants and honours
2013: Gerda Hennings Mindelegat
2013: The Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation
2012, 2013: Ingeborg Mule Henningsens Fond

Selected exhibitions
2014: ‘Can a Room be a Loom?’, Furori Salone, Milan
2014: Danish Crafts Collection



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