Heavy Stack (Extrude)
by Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester

Heavy Stack explores the potentials of ceramic elements as structural components in furniture

Heavy Stack (Extrude)
Heavy Stack is an experimental series of objects that explores the potentials of form, materials and aesthetics. The objects are made of hollow extruded ceramic rings stacked on top of each other, almost like bricks, around a load-bearing oak construction. The main structural inspiration came from architectural principles and structures, while the materials and the finish point more to furniture making and crafts. Thus, function is not the goal here but instead served as a source of inspiration for form, construction and materials.

The production process combines elements from industrial production and crafts: The ceramic rings were made on a brickworks extrusion machine fitted with a special nozzle, while the resulting tubes were shaped into circular or oval rings by hand. The series is part of the duo’s ongoing exploration of the potentials of ceramic elements as a structural component in furniture, combined in this case with a new-found fascination with the process and potentials of extrusion.

stoneware, oak, brass

Object #1: H 480 x W 480 x D 400 cm
Object #2: H 940 x W x 480 D 480 cm
Object #3: H 520 x W 1200 x D 630 cm

Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester
Anne Dorthe Vester, b. 1984, Architect MAA
Maria Bruun, b. 1984, designer

Maria Bruun and Anne Dorthe Vester’s collaboration emerged from a shared fascination with the field that emerges at the intersection of furniture, architecture and art. Their working process typically takes its point of departure in form, aesthetics and materials in a creative space that is not constrained by functional concerns. In most cases, form precedes function in their work, and they often stop the process before moving into the functional realm or at a point where function has only a minimal presence. Later, these purely experimental projects may give rise to other projects with a more functional agenda.

Their experimental objects engage and challenge the beholder, examine notions of form and function and question conventional perceptions of furniture and space. Their respective backgrounds within architecture and design provide a continuous source of mutual inspiration and new knowledge. The architectural sensibility may be felt in the structural features and spatial impact of their objects, while the choice of materials – mainly stoneware, oak and brass – and the exquisite detailing and tactile finishes may point to the domain of furniture design. When these influences come together, however, the result is a fusion of perceptions, approaches and experiences that leads to something entirely new.

2013: Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester establish collaboration
2012: Anne Dorthe Vester graduated as architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture; Maria Bruun graduated as designer from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design

Selected collaborations
Paustian, Etage Projects, Pamono

Selected grants and honours
2015: Membership of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the Society of Artists
2015: Working grant, Danish Arts Foundation
2015: National solo award, Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Selected exhibitions
2016: ‘Fragment’, solo exhibition at the Spring Exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
2015: ‘Hjemlighed’ (Homeliness), group exhibition, Biennale for Craft and Design, Copenhagen
2014: ‘Objects of Use’, solo exhibition, Etage Projects, Copenhagen


MINDCRAFT / Tuala Hjarnø

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