by Øivind Alexander Slaatto

A collection of hourglasses designed to help you keep track of time while staying sane

MINDFRAMES is a collection of hourglasses designed to help you keep track of time while staying sane! The geometry of the design makes the intervals twice or three times as long when the glass is turned upside down, which helps you structure your day in a way that makes rooms for the crucially important breaks: a 1-minute brainstorm followed by a 2-minute break; an intense 45-minute working period followed by a 15-minute break; an 8-hour workday complemented with 16 hours of free time for sleep and recreation. Slaatto is also considering adding hourglasses that mark a whole week or even a year.

Øivind Slaatto’s timekeeping device for the modern world is a tribute to gravity, which is at the root of the natural cycles that have guided our life on this planet since the beginning of time. Gravity determines the rate at which the earth rotates around the sun as well as its distance to our source of light and warmth, and thus, gravity defines night and day, winter and summer and the phases of the moon. Our modern lifestyle, however, has put the natural cycles under pressure, and breaks are often seen as a waste of time. But creative minds are never idle, and therefore we need breaks to recuperate, process and reflect.

acrylic, brass

Ø 3 cm H 12.3 cm
Ø 6 cm H 24.5 cm
Ø 12 cm H 49 cm
Ø 30 cm H 122.5 cm


Øivind Alexander Slaatto
Danish designer, b. 1978

Øivind Slaatto works in a variety of materials, depending on the task at hand. In his design, he always strives for simple, straightforward yet poetic solutions – often with inspiration from nature. With quality, clarity and beauty as his primary goals, he never sets out to create something unusual or innovative, and although his process often results in shapes and solutions that appear innovative and fresh, the underlying structure or form often derives from natural principles that have been around for millions of years. This includes the use of light and gravity, one of the most fundamental forces in nature, and the inherent properties of natural materials.

2002-2007: The Danish Design School (now Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)
1999-2002: Royal Danish Academy of Music

Selected collaborations
Bang & Olufsen (Beoplay A9 speaker), Louis Poulsen Lighting (Patera lamp), Le Klint (Swirl lamp) and 2014 EUROVISION Song Contest (Giant Diamonds lamp)
Cofounder of ‘danish design MAKERS’ (DDM)

Selected grants and honours
2016: Danish Agency of Culture (now Danish Agency of Culture and Palaces)
2014: Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation
2013: BoBedre Awards: Design of the Year

Selected exhibitions
2014-2016: ‘Danish Design MAKERS’, IMM Cologne
2014: Stockholm Design Week
2015-2016 “’simple. die neue einfachheit” in designforum Vorarlberg, Dornbirn, and designforum in Wienna

Selected collections
Design Museum Denmark


MINDCRAFT / Tuala Hjarnø

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