SUB3 and The Jaw Nuts Piece
by Henrik Vibskov

A transparent organic shell that embraces and reshapes its guest.

SUB3 explores the idea of a physical encapsulation of the human mind. It is designed as a transparent organic shell that both embraces and reshapes its guest – maybe even redirecting the mind and taking it to new places. SUB3 is a host, a physical and mental space that seeks to induce a new and pleasant mental state in its occupant and the beholder. The project was inspired by early scientific ideas about the nature and workings of the human mind. In the theory and practice of phrenology, the shape and proportions of the skull were seen as a map of our inner mental life, and cranial measurements, known as craniometry, were seen as a way of gaining insight into the human mind from the outside.

Plexiglas, natural rubber
60 x 47 x 40 cm

Blabbering heads simulate the constant flow of information and misinformation that threatens to drive us nuts

The Jaw Nuts Piece
The Jaw Nuts Piece also explores the landscape of our mental universe. I contrast to the soothing and calming space of SUB3, however, it explores a state of mind that is bordering on insanity, depicting external pressures in the form of a noisy crowd of constantly blabbering wooden heads. Their broken language simulates the extreme and overwhelming information flow we are all exposed to today: an unstoppable stream of information and misinformation that threatens to drive us nuts. In form, the heads are a postmodern and Asian-inspired take on the traditional nutcracker. In an eerie mix of imagery, the bright colours spark associations to puppet show marionettes, while the sticks might point to the mediaeval custom of displaying the severed heads of slain enemies, mounted on stakes.

The Jaw Nuts Piece

wood, string

Henrik Vibskov
Danish designer, b. 1972

Henrik Vibskov has his own fashion brand and is included in the prestigious official programme at the biannual Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. He often collaborates with performing artists from theatre, music or other art forms and has designed costumes for the Copenhagen-based theatre company Hotel Proforma, Oslo Opera House and Brussels Opera House. His work often involves the creation of an entire universe in a variety of media and dimensions: clothes, works of art, installations and sound, each aspect functioning independently or in close combination with other features. His fashion design has a clear functional focus and a characteristic expression that typically involves multiple patterns, colours and shapes. His inspiration comes from many different sources and rarely from one place alone – from a piece of sound art or a film; from nothing in particular or anything at all…

2014 to date: professor at Design School Kolding
2008 to date: associate professor at Central Saint Martins, London and IED, Madrid, among other institutions
2012: Member of Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine, France
2001: Graduated as menswear designer from Central Saint Martins, London

Selected grants and honours
2012: The Grand Jury Prize Danish Fashion Awards
2012: Three-year working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation
2011: Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Award

Selected exhibitions
2016: Solo-exhibition, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden
2015: Retrospective solo exhibition, Daelim Museum, Seoul
2013: Solo exhibition, Designmuseo Helsinki


MINDCRAFT / Tuala Hjarnø

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