Bricks of Time

Bricks of Time

Time: 03:06:31 — 03:27:15

‘Bricks of Time’ experiments with function, form and materials that borrow references from the world of furniture-making. The ceramic elements are produced on an old extrusion machine once used to manufacture traditional building bricks. For this project, the machine was fitted with a custom-made mouthpiece (nozzle) that gives the elements their unique shape.

After extrusion, the serially produced ceramic elements are finished by hand and stacked in combination with glass sheets to create two different constructions. The extruded elements can be seen as a material expression of the time it takes to produce a brick of a given length; conversely, a given length reflects a given time interval. The time aspect is further highlighted by the lengthwise lines imprinted during the extrusion process, resembling seismographic lines on a roll of paper.

stoneware, glass, brass

No.1: 3 min. 17 sec.: H 93 cm, W 140 cm, D 30 cm
No.2: 2 min. 11 sec.: H 31 cm, W 55 cm, D 90 cm

Maria Bruun, furniture designer, b. 1984
Anne Dorthe Vester, architect MAA, b. 1984

Maria Bruun and Anne Dorthe Vester’s collaboration springs from a shared fascination with the field that emerges at the intersection of furniture, architecture and art. Their working process typically takes its point of departure in form, aesthetics and materials in a creative space that is not constrained by functional concerns. Their works are small, poetic deviations from our contemporary quest for rationality and efficiency. Like a full stop in a sentence, they make us stop, slow down and allow ourselves to be seized by something we do not necessarily understand. Their projects are never straightforward but move seamlessly across the boundaries of architecture, design and art, just as they examine the relationship between industrial production and craftsmanship.

Their experimental objects engage and challenge the beholder, examine notions of form and function and question conventional perceptions of furniture and space. Their insistence on material properties and form over function raises questions: what happens when an object does not have a place, a purpose or a predetermined utilitarian value? This blurs everyday rationality and creates poetic spaces that offer an opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with each other, the world and ourselves.

Education and practice
2015: Members of the Society of Artists
2013: Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester establish collaboration
2012: Anne Dorthe Vester graduated as architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
2012: Maria Bruun graduated as designer from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design

Selected collaborations
Represented by FUMI Gallery, London
Objects of Use are sold by Etage Projects, Copenhagen

Selected grants and honours
2016: Danish Arts Foundation, working grant, residency and award
2015: National Solo Award, Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

Selected exhibitions
2016: ‘If it’s a Chair’, Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York
2016: ‘FRAGMENT’, solo exhibition, Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
2014: ‘Objects of Use’, solo exhibition, Etage Projects, Copenhagen



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