Starting All Over Again, 00:00:00
by Marianne Eriksen Scott Hansen

Starting All Over Again, 00:00:00

Time: 23:01:55 — 00:00:00

These exuberant, larger-than-life flowers seem to have grown naturally, driven by the same irrepressible life force that enables tiny, delicate sprouts to push through asphalt paving or edge their way up from beneath solid concrete slabs. In fact, this life force resides in the artist’s creative mind and skilled hands, as they cut, fold, twist and shape the humble paper. Their roots exposed, the flowers bare it all.

Such a creative feat takes time, and in the artist’s own words, her art is not only slow but S-L-O-W… This has her working late nights to complete her projects, and the allotted timeframe, 23:01:55–00:00:00, marks the specific time between the end of her working day and her bedtime! It also reflects the fresh start she made in her creative career in the transitional hour as one day bottoms out, the clock turns over, and a new leaf is turned over in the calendar.

Many thanks to Farah Malik, Emilie Stanton, Anne Clausen and Karl Lund A/S


each flower H 150–250 cm

Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen / aka M.E.S.H.
Paper artist, b. 1964

After working as a fashion and jewellery designer for many years, Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen, aka M.E.S.H., recently changed course in her artistic career, turning her attention to paper as her chosen medium, which she turns into voluminous, multi-coloured and multi-layered formations shaped as flowers, organic growths and fantastical creatures. To achieve this riotous expression, she eschews templates or measuring and relies on 3D free-hand cutting and draping, finding inspiration in the hands-on work with her material. Transferring her motto from her former fashion label, Daughters of Style: ‘How to make a lousy T-shirt look like a million dollars’, she now transforms standard printer paper and other commonplace paper qualities into lush, dream-like artistic objects. To reach as wide an audience as possible, she favours the public realm over museum exhibitions and has had her paper artworks exhibited in shops and shop windows in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Sydney and Santa Monica (USA), among other places.

Education and practice
2015 to date: Independent practice as a paper artist
1999–2002: Own fashion label ‘Daughters of Style’
1995: Graduated as fashion designer, The Danish Design School, Fashion Design, Institute for One-Off Design (now Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)

Selected collaborations
Designed one-off jewellery for Georg Jensen, Klarlund and others
Projects as paper artist for L’Oréal Paris, Elle and others

Selected grants and honours
2000: Golden Fur Pin with Daughters of Style

Selected exhibitions
2012–13: ‘Styrke og Skønhed’, Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen
2012: ‘A Decade of Danish Fashion’, Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen
2011: ‘Gud bevare Danmark – Kongehuset og Troen’, The Royal Danish Collection, Amalienborg, Copenhagen

Selected collections
Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen

Instagram: @marianneeriksenscotthansen


For its 6th edition, the MINDCRAFT exhibition has again celebrated Danish creators at Ventura Lambrate.Yookô

The artistic crafts tradition innate in good Nordic design played first fiddle in the MINDCRAFT13 exhibition of Danish crafts.STYLEPARK

The award for "Best Contribution to 100% Design" goes to the company or person who, in the opinion of the judges, has made the most creative contribution to the fair, whether in the form of stand design, graphics or products. According to a unanimous panel of judges, MINDCRAFT08 delivered in all three categories.Jury for 100% Design Awards*

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