Five-Part Black Twill Collection
by Tobias Møhl

Five-Part Black Twill Collection

Time: 07:03:34 — 07:10:50

Tobias Møhl’s ‘Five-Part Black Twill Collection’ features a collection of five hand-blown glass vessels that combine into a single expression of exquisite beauty. Transfused with light, the intricate ornamentation in the glass glows with a soft, organic expression, almost suggesting a force of life that is capable of sprouting new branches and tendrils. These organic patterns could not have been planned or sketched out beforehand but emerge in practice, as Tobias Møhl brings his mastery of ancient glassblowing techniques to bear on the glass, all the while paying close attention to the possibilities that arise in the process, ready to seize them and create new, unique shapes and expressions.

glass, light panel

H 95 cm, W 155, D 30 cm

Tobias Møhl
Glass designer, b. 1970

Tobias Møhl’s work is about using Venetian glassblowing techniques to achieve a Scandinavian, rather than a Venetian expression. It is also about seeing the technique as a tool to clarify and refine his personal expression. With painstaking attention to detail and a technical mastery that has been earned over many years, he searches for simple details in glass that can be used to add refinement to the end result. In his artistic practice, he continually explores methods for breaking away from the traditional patterns to discover a new and more organic expression and style.

Education and practice
2000: Masterclass with Lino Tagliapietra, Haystack Mountain School, USA
1998: Opens ‘Møhl & Drivsholm Glas’ with Trine Drivsholm, Ebeltoft, DK
1997: Masterclass with Lino Tagliapietra, Haystack Mountain School, USA
1996: Masterclass with Checco Ongaro & Lino Tagliapietra, Pilchuck Glass School, USA
1992-93: Working as master glassblower at Holmegaard Glass Factory, DK
1988-92: Apprentice at Holmegaard Glass Factory, DK

Selected grants and honours
2009: Award Winner, 37th Annual International Glass Invitational, Habatat
2002: Ole Haslunds Kunstnerlegat
2002: Reticello Prize, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

Selected exhibitions
2016: ‘Great Danes’, Glazenhuis, Lommel, Belgium
2016: ‘Art Toronto’, Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Canada
2016: ‘Art Southampton’, Heller Gallery, USA

Selected collections
Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Ebeltoft, DK
Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim, Norway
Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen



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