Lunch Recipes
by Christina Schou Christensen

Lunch Recipes

Time: 11:44:33 – 12:36:01

‘Lunch Recipes’ emerged in a delicate interaction between a tightly controlled set of conditions and an open, experimental process where random factors were allowed to shape the outcome. Each stoneware test cookie features a unique glaze sample based on a recipe involving three randomly selected ingredients in a ratio of either 11:44:33 or 12:36:01.

For many of us, noon is both a time of peak activity in a busy working day and the time when we begin to feel peckish and maybe break for lunch. This lunch-time context served as an inspiration for the rushed and loose expression: the stoneware test cookies are roughly shaped by hand, and the surface for capturing the poured-on glaze is prepared by a few, quick strokes with a spatula – like spreading cream cheese on a cracker.

stoneware, ceramic glaze

each test cookie H max 5 cm, Ø 8–20 cm

Christina Schou Christensen
Ceramicist, b. 1973

Christina Schou Christensen generally views her works as experiments. She explores a field that is hard to control, and where the outcome is difficult, if not impossible, to predict. She sets certain parameters for the unfolding of the materials, but the process and the interactions among the materials are crucial for the outcome. In traditional serial production, the ceramicist’s emphasis is on controlling the process and minimizing the accidents that almost inevitably occur in the kiln from time to time, such as objects cracking or falling over or glaze failing to bind to the clay. In Christina Schou Christensen’s work, these ‘disasters’ are desirable outcomes that point the way to new possibilities and expression and bring out the inherent plasticity of the materials.

Glaze in particular is a key focus of her work. Traditionally, ceramic glaze is used to make utilitarian objects user-friendly and durable. But when exposed to the highest temperatures in the kiln, glaze is in fact liquid glass with unique properties and potentials. In Christina Schou Christensen’s work, glaze is not merely a coating that affects the colour and texture of a piece but an equal form element in its own right, capable of radically altering the form of the object.

Education and practice
2011: Graduated as ceramicist from The Danish Design School, Bornholm (now Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)

Selected grants and honours
2012–2014, 2016: Danish Arts Foundation, working grants
2013: Annie & Otto Detlefs’s travel grant
2012: Solo Award, the Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg

Selected exhibitions
2015: ‘Fetishism: Obsessions in Fashion & Design’, Trapholt, Kolding
2015: ‘Crafted: Objects of Flux’, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
2014: ‘Collective2 Design Fair’ (with Dienst and Dotter), Skylight at Moynihan Station, New York City

Selected collections
Danish Arts Foundation
Groth Collection
Kunstforeningen af 14. august



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