No Bones – All Bag #1
by Anders Ruhwald

No Bones – All Bag #1

Time: 17:08:11 — 18:19:02

‘No Bones – All Bag #1’ is a ceramic object created and conceived in the artist’s immediate interaction with the clay. This tactile hands-on process gives rise to a reality of objects that are transformed through ceramic processes. The subsequent addition of glaze lets the artist adjust the material properties of the clay and incorporate an aspect of unpredictability. In this fusion of intentions and processes, a body emerges. In this artistic process, the artist’s own body acts as a perceptual membrane that takes in the outside world, the locus where occurrences and events translate into meaning. The surface is an interface between inside and outside; a place where one version of reality arises.

ceramics, glaze

H 118 cm, W 40 cm, D 40 cm

Anders Ruhwald
Artist, b. 1974

Anders Ruhwald’s creative process unfolds in a close interplay of concept and materiality. As the original seed of an idea gradually takes shape in his hands-on engagement with the material, the concept and the tangible material mutually transform, expand and define one another. In Anders Ruhwald’s own words, he uses materials as a vehicle for his thinking and lets the possibilities and potentials of the materials shed light on the meaning of his ideas. His main medium of artistic expression is clay, although he also uses wood, often as part of ceramic objects and installations.

Education and practice
2008 to present: Artist in residence and head of Ceramics, Cranbrook Academy of Art
2007–08: Associate professor, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2005: MA, Royal College of Art, London

Selected collaborations
Represented by Volume Gallery, Chicago and Moran Bondaroff Gallery, Los Angeles
2011: Glaze Lamps, Established & Sons, UK

Selected grants and honours
2016: Graham Foundation, USA
2015: John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, USA
2011: Gold prize, Gyeonggi International Biennale, South Korea

Selected exhibitions
2017: ‘Glasur-stykker’, Volume Gallery, Chicago
2016: ‘Unit 1: 3583 Dubois St’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland
2011: ‘WANI’, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris

Selected collections
Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Musée des Arts decoratifs, Paris, France



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