Sun Bed
by Eske Rex & Maria Mengel

Sun Bed

Time: 00:03:57 — 00:05:00

The timeframe marks the threshold between night and day. To capture the right mood, the artists set their alarms to do their initial sketching at this early hour, which reminded them of travelling, rising early to catch a flight. Based on notions of travel and transition, they explored sunrise as a figure and a time span – when ‘just before’ becomes ‘just after’, as line and circle intersect and the sun crosses the horizon.

The sunbed reflects this duality – the bed associated with night-time sleep and dreaming, the sun inviting us to be awake and alert. Even the position is in transition – semi-reclined, seated or fully reclined on a divided plateau with two vertical planks facing each other. A cut-out where the circle hits the plank creates a slight curvature and a shadowed recess.

Pinewood, metal

275 X 86 x 73 cm

Eske Rex and Maria Mengel
Eske Rex, designer, b. 1977
Maria Mengel, architect, b. 1977

Eske Rex and Maria Mengel both use their respective training in alternative ways, working at the intersection of craft, design and architecture in installations, sculptures, art, 1:1 workshops and other contexts. Eske Rex typically pursues a strict simplicity and logic in combination with a unique feature that holds the key to the piece, for example movement, torsion, pressure or magnetism. In Maria Mengel’s work, the narrative plays a key catalytic role. She works with direct spatial sketching in 1:1 where decisions follow as a direct consequence of the behaviour and properties of the material. This approach reflects her desire to preserve a sense of immediacy, intuitive simplicity and basic humility towards material and detail.

Education and practice
Eske Rex
2009 to date: Independent artistic practice
2014: A member of the Society of Artists under the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
2008: Graduated from The Danish Design School (now Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)
1999: Completed carpenter’s apprenticeship with a bronze medal
Maria Mengel
2014 to date: Teaching associate professor, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Institute of Architecture and Culture
2011 to date: Co-founder and teacher, ANARK, school of architectural and artistic development
2011–14: Teaching associate professor, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Space and Form
2008–15: Joint studio with architect Ida Flarup
2007–13: Co-founder and curator, Gallery MODTAR
2005: MA Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

Selected collaborations
Eske Rex
2012 to date: Collaboration with Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris

Selected grants and honours
Eske Rex
2016: Danish Arts Foundation, three-year working grant
2013: Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968, travel grant
2011: Audience Award, ‘Drawing Machine’, Milan Design Week
Maria Mengel
2016: Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968, project grant
2012: Danish Arts Foundation, architecture committee, working grant
2011: The Academic Council of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, award

Selected exhibitions
Eske Rex
2014: ‘Design at Large’, Design Miami/Basel, Basel
2013: ‘Silent Action’, solo exhibition. Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris
2011–13, 2015: MINDCRAFT, Milan
Maria Mengel
2014: ‘Double Site’, Another Space, Copenhagen
2012: ‘FLOK – Almindeligheder # 4’, Sejerø Festival, Sejerø, Denmark
2011: ‘Tracing Temporary Space’, PQ11 – Praque Quadriennial for Performance Design and Space

Selected collections
Eske Rex
Permanent installation, International criminal court, The Hague
Works sold to collectors in Europe, Asia and the United States



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