The Duet
by Hanne G

The Duet

Time: 05:59:59 — 06:59:59

The installation explores the sculptural and aesthetic potentials of textile in a ‘frozen’ form combined with a musical composition principle driven by repetitive, random patterns. This interactive audiovisual installation engages its audience directly. Built-in sensors detect movement and activate an audio element, producing a ‘song’ that is triggered and shaped by human curiosity, as people approach, move away from and walk around the sculptures.

With inspiration from morning yoga practice, the physical form suggests the Sun Salutation, while the audio is reminiscent of chanting. The sound resonates within and between the two textile objects, forming a duet that encourages pause, reflection and meditation in a multisensory experience that seeks to transform seeing and hearing into breathing, as different senses blend, merge and interact.

The audio element was created in a collaboration with composer and producer Jesper Ranum.

wool yarn, cotton batting, polyester stuffing, EPS foam, powder adhesive, acrylic paint, audio

No. 1: H 187 cm, Ø 60 cm
No. 2: H 137 cm, Ø 75 cm

Hanne G
Textile artist, b. 1963

Hanne G’s works cover a wide span, from sculpture, installation and mixed media to wall-hung pieces. Her artistic practice encompasses a range of techniques and materials with roots in textile craft, especially crocheting and embroidery. She employs these techniques in a dedicated exploration of form, materials and methods, pushing their boundaries to shape them into a contemporary medium for artistic expression. Imbued with humour and sensuality, her works often juxtapose contrasting qualities, combining rational and irrational elements, science and myth. In recent years, nature has been the main source of inspiration for her work, and she sees a fascinating common link between the basic forms of nature and the mathematical regularities at play in the complex cultural practice of crocheting.

Education and practice
2016: Artist in residence, Icelandic Textile Center
2013: Board member, The Artists’ Autumn Exhibition
2010: Member of Danish Visual Artists
1991: Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Department of Graphic Design

Selected grants and honours
2016: Danish Arts Foundation, working grant
2016: Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond, travel grant
2011: Danish Arts Foundation, Design and Crafts, working grant

Selected exhibitions
2015: ‘Textile Art’, PIASA, Paris
2007, 2015–2016: ‘Spring Exhibition’, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
2011: ‘Mailles – Art en Laine’, Maison du Danemark, Paris

Selected collections
Gallery Seomi & Tuus, Seoul



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