by Yuki Ferdinandsen


Time: 09:13:19 — 13:10:55

Yuki Ferdinandsen presents a cycle of works framed by a flow of time that represents both the progression of the working day and the gradual emergence of an object of art:

My working day starts slow and reflects on the work that is unfolding. This is the TIME SPACE.
I listen to the sound of the hammer’s dance, and as it gets faster and faster, I feel the sound of the hammer in my mind. This is SPEED.

Finally, the hammer’s dance slows down, the work is done, I look at my creations with
great satisfaction, and I can relax. This is the SIGH of EASE.

The objects are hand-raised and decorated using the ancient Japanese artisanal arare technique. Arare is Japanese for ‘hail’ and refers to the tiny bumps, which are individually hammered out.

925s, Sterling silver

TIME SPACE: H 10 cm, W 26.4 cm, L 72 cm
SPEED: H 5.5 cm , W 19 cm, L 82 cm
SIGH of EASE: H 36.3 cm, W 20.5 cm, D 16 cm

Yuki Ferdinandsen
Silversmith and metal chaser, b. 1958

Yuki Ferdinandsen combines her Japanese background and training with her experiences from living in Denmark. In her own words, she now sees Japan through a Danish filter. In her work, she brings these vastly different cultures together, allowing them to rearrange themselves naturally. She works in silver, using the ancient Japanese arare technique in objects that draw on inspiration from nature and influences from Danish modern design. Another source of inspiration to her is the properties of silver: its simultaneously hot and cold glow. The durability and solidity, which can be made malleable and flexible with the right techniques and plenty of patience. The weight, which seems to be suspended in objects with an almost floating character. To Yuki Ferdinandsen, the lengthy process with the thousands of hammer blows is a rhythmic dance that never gets tiring.

Education and practice
2002–6, 2014: Silversmith and metal chaser at Georg Jensen
1999: Graduated from the Institute for Precious Metals, Copenhagen
1998: Studies in Japan
1982–87: Kanazawa Industrial Art, Kyoto
1981–82, 1993–97: Tsuibu Metal Art School, Kyoto
1979: Designer at Juraku Kimono Company, Kyoto
1979: Graduated from Saga Junior College

Selected grants and honours
2015: Winner of Schoonhoven Silver Award
2010, 2013: HAMMERCLUB Awards, 1st prize
2012: Karl Gustav Hansen Prize

Selected exhibitions
2016: ‘Mindcraft16’, Milan
2016: ‘TEFAF’, Maastricht
2016: ‘Masterpiece’, London

Selected collections
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Trondheim, Norway
Danish Silver Museum at Koldinghus, Kolding, Denmark


MINDCRAFT / jeppegudmundsen.com

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