You Filthy Tart
by Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen

You Filthy Tart

Time: 14:16:17 — 16:19:20

‘You Filthy Tart’ is a series of monumental stacks of objects and surfaces made up of firm and viscous materials, with inspiration from layer cakes. ‘You Filthy Tart’ draws on references to afternoon tea, a short break with a sweet nibble, the pleasure of briefly kicking back and enjoying a physical and mental reset. The transition from working time to personal time. A break to measure your wealth in cake. A Danish break!

The piece was created in a mash-up of ceramic materials and techniques. Some of it hand-pinched, some shaped with the clear imprint of tools, some, in liquid form, poured on or applied with a brush and some the result of techniques that have no name. All of it unfolding in an immediate and spontaneous process, with no drafts or recipes.

ceramic materials, marble

No. 1: H 102 cm, W 80 cm, D 80 cm
No. 2: H 127, W 60 x D 60 cm
No. 3: H 105 cm, W 80 cm, D 80 cm

Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen
Ceramicist, b. 1987

In her artistic practice, Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen takes an experimental approach, often combining ceramic materials with other materials such as marble, granite or other forms of stone, and exploring how materials can be transformed in a way that leaves their inherent exuberance intact. She is spurred on by an intuitive, immediate fascination and enthusiasm with raw materials, relating both to their specific use in various processes and their inherent microstructures and textures. Her expression is typically quirky with a kitschy quality bordering on a deliberate anti-aesthetic.

A signature characteristic in many of her recent works is a surface texture she arrived at after extensive experimentation: a pinkish translucent glaze with bubbles reminiscent of frothy dishwashing liquid or a child’s soap bubbles.

Education and practice
2012: BA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Bornholm

Selected grants and honours
2017: Annie og Otto Johs. Detlefs’ Fondes Keramikpris (ceramics award, travel grant)
2016: Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968
2015: Danish Arts Foundation, project grant

Selected exhibitions
2016: ‘Glaze – Chemistry, Mass and Myth’, Hempel Glass Museum, Nykøbing S, Denmark
2016: ‘Nine Suspensions’, SAK, Svendborg, Denmark, and Køppe Contemporary Objects, Copenhagen

Selected collections
Erik Veistrup Collection, Denmark
Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen



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