A Family
by Kasper Kjeldgaard

A Family

Five objects that make up a family. Each object is constructed around a pointed brass rods hanging from a thread, spaced 50 centimetres apart. Round elements in a variety of materials are mounted on the brass rods.

The work was created using a variety of techniques, including metal turning, casting and binding. All the techniques are based on rotation, with the objects being shaped by means of rotary reduction or rotary addition.

In his working process, Kasper Kjeldgaard sometimes finds that the objects he is working on become animated, suddenly leaping out of their object state and turning into something else. In ‘A Family’, he has pursued this animism directly by creating five objects, all with their own unique identity and spirit but still clearly related, members of the same family.

Brass, horsehair, beeswax, banana fibre, granite

Each object approx. 150 x 33 cm

Kasper Kjeldgaard
Furniture designer, b. 1983

Kasper Kjeldgaard’s sculptural practice often aims to strip away all symbolic and cultural references in order to bring out an object that exists in its own right, without leaning on anything outside itself. He begins by creating a constructive core of brass and then adds other materials, such as beeswax, horsehair, thread or stone, by means of rotation. Most of his objects spring from an ongoing exploration of the limits and capacities of techniques and materials and of the different hierarchies among materials. Thus his works always contain a tangible reflection of the technique and the time that went into their creation.

Education and practice
2016: furniture designer, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design

Selected grants and honours
2017: Danish Arts Foundation, working grant
2017: Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968, project grant
2017: Danish Arts Foundation, project grant
2016: Danish Arts Foundation, project grant

Selected exhibitions
2017: ‘The year of the Circle’, Patrick Parrish, New York, USA
2017: ‘MINDCRAFT 17’, Milan, Italy
2016: ‘Chart Design’, The Curio, Copenhagen
2016: Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
2016: ‘If it’s a chair’, Patrick Parrish, New York USA


MINDCRAFT / anderssuneberg.com

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