by Kevin Hviid


Round bench with seating for two persons on both sides.

First, the basic elements are built in wood. Next, the steel profiles are put in place, guided by hand-built wooden templates, and TIG-welded. Due to the large scale and the use of the many circle sections, the piece was first constructed as a wooden model in order to test angles, directions and dimensions.

The form inspiration for the bench came from the cactus. This sturdy plant can survive in the wilderness, a harsh and lonely environment with no audience or competitors. It stands up to the taxing conditions, continuously producing new disc-shaped segments in its process of constant transformation. The plant’s famously prickly demeanour is its main appeal for its many fans!

Billy is designed to be similarly prickly, virtually jabbing at passers-by, examining them from every angle, holding their gaze and pulling them in. The flowers bursting from the monochrome cactus stem add to the plant’s intense and sculptural expression – an effect that Hviid echoes in the strange shapes protruding from the bench.

Rectangular steel tube, wooden slats

H 190 x W 150 x D 140 cm

Kevin Hviid
Architect, designer, b. 1978

Kevin Hviid creates sculptural and expressive furnishings and interiors, mainly working in steel, brass, wood and textile. His design process unfolds in a back-and-forth exchange between paper-and-pencil drawings and tangible models and places a high priority on hands-on testing and tactile qualities. He likes to disassemble and recombine known elements in novel ways that spark new associations. His projects often explore and challenge conventional concepts of form, spatial qualities and materials. His projects and products often have a playful and graphic expression that reaches out to engage in dialogue – sometimes in the form of a provocation.

Education and practice
2008: MA, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

Selected collections and projects
Retail interiors and furniture for Le Bon Marché, GANNI, Johan Bülow Lakridser, FRAMA Copenhagen, DANSK made for rooms and others
Irïs hanging sofa purchased by a private collector
The King and Queen chairs are on display in Ganni’s flagship store

Selected grants and honours
2016: Danish Arts Foundation, working grant

Selected exhibitions
2017: Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition, Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen
2016: RE FORM Design Biennale, KINFOLK Gallery, Copenhagen
2016: Galleri S Bensimon, Paris
2016: qltylife, New York, USA
2015: Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen



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