Botanical Furniture Species
by Wednesday Architecture

Botanical Furniture Species

A table and a bench that reflect the weather and surroundings, made of slender wooden frames, solid wooden beams and rectangular silver-plated brass reflectors.

The inspiration for the project came from an architectural analysis of the site and a series of free associations on the ambience of the cloister. Open to the elements, the sheltered courtyard lets in daylight, fresh air and rain and offers a calm space for contemplation, pause and reflection – like a garden without soil. To bring out this atmosphere, Wednesday Architecture created two furniture pieces, Light Table and Sun Bench, conceived as geometrical ‘flowers’ for this garden and as sculptural structures that accentuate the changing weather, the light, sun and rain. Another important source of inspiration was Karl Blossfeldt’s (1865–1932) lifelong work with botanical photography.

Solid oak, silver-plated brass mirrors

Sun Bench: L 200 x W 50 x H 75cm
Light Table: L 84 x W 63 x H 110 cm

Thanks to Møbelsnedkeriet Kjeldtoft

Wednesday Architecture

Lise Bjerre Schmidt
Architect, designer b. 1981
Sofie Trier Mørk
Architect, designer, b. 1980

Wednesday Architecture applies an architectural perspective to their products and furniture. Their designs and artistic concepts are typically guided by an architectural analysis of the intended function and site. Many of their furniture design have roots in historical furniture types, which they reinterpret and update to create delicate and sculptural pieces, often with a built-in personality or agenda.

Education and practice
Lise Bjerre Schmidt
2009: MA, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
Sofie Trier Mørk
2008: MA, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

Selected collections
2015 to date: STACK TRAYS series produced by Fritz Hansen Objects
2018: hand-made series of serving trays for the new ‘noma’ restaurant
2017: STACK No2, bread basket designed for the bespoke ‘Washington Service’ for the Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C., commissioned by the Danish Arts Foundation
2017: OBJECTIVE TRAY, commissioned by Kunstforeningen Anonyme Kunsthåndværkere

Selected grants and honours
2017: WALLPAPER* Design Award, ‘Best Entrance’, for STACK No5 and STACK No7
2017: Danish Arts Foundation, award for the solo exhibition ‘Foam of The Days, Library for One Book’, Bagsværd Church
2017: Danish Arts Foundation, working grant
2016: Nominated for ‘Upcoming Designer’ and ‘Best Design’, Design Award
2015: Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968, project grant

Selected exhibitions
2017: ‘Foam of The Days, Library for One Book’, solo exhibition, Bagsværd Church, Denmark (part of ‘Til STEDEt’ exhibition series)
2017: ‘ULTIMATE IMPACT – 5 phenomena in Nordic design culture’, The Round Tower, Copenhagen
2017: Biennale for Craft and Design, Copenhagen
2017: ‘Danish Design Makers’, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair
2016: The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition, Christian IV’s Brewhouse, Copenhagen



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