Half Pieces
by Carl Emil Jacobsen

Half Pieces

Six objects hand-moulded around a core made of polystyrene foam and steel. Coated with fibre-reinforced concrete and painted with grey-black pigments extracted from the geological strata in the Hanklit cliff on the Danish island of Mors.

The forms are intended to convey a rich experience of colour by providing a surface and spaces that allow the colour to unfold but also, in places, restrict it to more confined, shaded areas. To experience the colour in full, the beholder has to move all the way around the objects to gain the benefit of varying vantage points.

Polystyrene, steel, fibre-reinforced concrete, crushed clay, volcanic ash

Half Piece no. 1: H 71 x W 55 x D 31 cm
Half Piece no. 2: H 56 x W 58 x D 31 cm
Half Piece no. 3: H 57 x W 82 x D 43 cm
Half Piece no. 4: H 88 x W 74 x D 40 cm
Half Piece no. 5: H 43 x W 90 x D 49 cm
Half Piece no. 6: H 45 x W 110 x D 55 cm

Carl Emil Jacobsen
Sculptor and designer, b. 1987

Carl Emil Jacobsen mainly works in malleable materials such as concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete and plaster, typically in combination with bespoke pigments that he produces from stone and clay from the Danish landscape. His process is driven by his curiosity about form and material qualities. His process often proceeds along multiple parallel paths involving drawings/sketches, material experiments, revised crafts techniques aimed at creating material sensations. This experimental process often leads to new ideas that in turn inspire additional experiments.

Education and practice
2013 to date: head of workshop and teacher, Design School Kolding
2012: MA, Industrial design, Design School Kolding

Selected collaborations
2016–: represented by Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris

Selected grants and honours
2017: Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968, project grant.
2017: Danish Arts Foundation, working grant
2016: Danish Arts Foundation, project grant

Selected exhibitions
2017: ‘Terrain’, solo show, Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris
2017: ‘Mindcraft 17’, Il Salone, Milan, Italy
2017: ‘Domestic Appeal, Part III’, Chamber, New York City, USA
2016: ‘The CURIO, CHART ART FAIR’, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
2016: Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen


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